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Earth Day- Just Another Day

Today is the day we celebrate Mother Earth and all her wonders. For me, however, I will be out treating today just like any other day. However, Skype invited me, and 3 other environmentalists, entrepreneurs, advocates and eco-enthusiasts to participate in a group video call to discuss the state of our planet and what the average person can do to make a difference. I jumped at the opportunity to participate.

We touched on many environmental topics from making “greener” choices when traveling and  having your reusable cups handy to how inexpensive gardening really can be and how important and easy composting is. We all had a different range of views on all the topics and were able to shed some light on how we can all do our part no matter how big or small our contributions.

What will you be doing today and everyday to make a positive contribution to the planet? Will it be turning off your faucet while brushing your teeth or opting to take the train instead of a plane when traveling? Just remember, through each and every small or even big, eco-conscious change, we will in turn make the world a healthier, and safer place for all of us.

Shawna Coronado of ShawnaCoronado.com can be found digging in the dirt looking for veggies, and is a wealth of information to help you along your gardening adventures; Andy Rossmeissi is over at Brighter Planet talking numbers and corporate sustainability; the lovely Priscilla Woolworth is ready to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle with eco-conscious purchases at PriscillaWoolworth.com; and Daniel Huertas, our host can be found pouncing for wild animals over on National Geographic as the co-host on “Wild Scene Investigation

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