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How to Make a Halloween Candy Bag from an Old T-shirt

Halloween is only a few days aways, but there is still time to make it a spooky green celebration. The costumes should be ready or almost and the treats are most probably lined up. Remember, I wrote about There you will find some ideas on green treats for the kids if you are running behind and do not know what to give out! So, how do you carry around all your fun treats, anyways? A pillow case- perhaps. How about leaving the pillow case to the pillow and make your very own treat bag. Here is a quick and easy way to make your very own personal bag!

Halloween is fast approaching; my kids are making plans on what to dress up for. My 7 year old son wants to be a Ninja, so he can sneak up on people. My 11 year old who is not too old to trick or treat wants to be a fairy. I am sure these costumes will change about 3 times before Halloween. But I am still making plans for what to do. I found myself with a free 15 minutes last Friday. I decided to put these two small Halloween t-shirts to good use.

I made Trick or Treat Bags for the kids. When I was a kid my mom would let us take paper grocery bags and decorate them as our trick or treat bags. While I loved this tradition, I use cloth bags for shopping. So I decided to make cloth bags for the kids for trick or treating. It was super easy; lemon squeezie as my kids would say. Did I mention it only took 15 minutes to do both bags?

  • I started by removing the sleeves from the t-shirts.
  • Then I turned the t-shirts inside out. I ran a zig zag stitch down the bottom of the t-shirt to close up the bottom of the shirt and make it a bag. It is times like this I wish I had a serger, but I am still intimidated by them.
  • I repeated the process with the jack-o-lantern t-shirt. I decided it needed a little bit bigger neck hole so I enlarged it. The nice thing about cotton jersey is that it does not fray, so there is no need to finish the edges.

Now two kids have trick or treat bags. They are excited about how much candy they can put in these bags.

Hi, I am Lisa – The Granola Catholic. I am a wife to a Catholic Deacon and mother to three great kids. I am passionate about Real Food and all things green. You can find my blogging over at Granola Catholic when I am not playing chauffeur to my kids volunteering, or trolling the thrift stores for my latest thrifty find.

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  1. Lisa @Granola Catholic says

    These bags actually hold a lot. We just had our school carnival and my youngest used the Jack o Lantern one. He had at least a bowl of candy plus six cans of soda in that one. I make them from adult size t-shirts. I found these at one of my favorite thrift stores. But if you buy Halloween shirts for your family members you can reuse those.

  2. Sarah says

    Love this idea for re-using those old Halloween shirt that the kids outgrow! Much greener than those plastic pumpkins we had as kids. Though my Mom did save my from when I was little for my son to use- so we get points for reusing and not sending off to the landfill. I do worry about plastic nasties leeching into the treats, though I suppose they are all covered in plastic wrapping as well.

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