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6 Ways to Conserve Energy in the Summer

I remember while growing up, every time we left the front door open my mom would yell “We are not heating the whole street- close the door” or “do we live in a barn?” If we opened the fridge door too long, she would say something along the lines of “Are you waiting for the light to burn out?” Of course, as a kid I dismissed what she said, and kept on my marry way, but now I get it.

I now see the challenges we are going to face as parents with my daughter as we teach her to how respect the environment and live more sustainably, but still let her be a kid. I believe that it is so important to educate our children all the while keeping it fun.

This initiative was started to help encourage kids and their parents to make small steps with large impacts.  By simply purchasing new household electronics and appliances with the ENERGY STAR label, you know you have made a chosen a superior energy efficient product. Energy Star products can save a family one-third or 700.00$ in energy bills a year.

6 ways to conserve energy during the summer:

  1. Dry your clothing outside.
  2. Eat more raw foods. This will help reduce your energy consumption by not using any appliances.
  3. Turn off the lights and use natural light instead during the day.
  4. Spend more time outside, and less time plugged in.
  5. Keep your blinds or curtains closed during the day.
  6. Keep your fridge and freezer opened long enough to choose what you want. My fridge beeps when it has been open too long. Annoying, but a nice feature incase we don't close the fridge or freezer door tight enough.

What will you do to lessen your environmental impact this summer?

I am part of the ENERGY STAR blogger team and received a few fun ENERGY STAR goodies as a thank you for my participation.

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