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Project Green Foot- Week 40

When I first began shopping at La Moisson, the natural food store near my house, it always bothered me that they repackaged their food in plastic bags. I have asked on a few occasions to why they use this method, but nobody could ever give me a straight answer. They always looked at me with a blank stare.

I decided to try and get my questions answered one last time. And, I got them. I was told they put their produce in plastic bags because the leafy greens would spoil quickly, which I assumed was why they did it. The best part of our conversation was that they have decided to install a sprinkler system in their produce section so they no longer have to put anything in plastic bags! This made my day and also led to a happy green dance.

I am really enjoying all the produce we have been receiving each week from Lufa farms. I am telling you, they grow the best tasting cucumbers and tomatoes. I have inquired about add-ons to our basket and was so happy to learn they are working on a system that should be in place by August that will allow us to add extra veggies and fruit to out baskets. I love cucumber and one per week is just not cutting it. I need more.

If you live in the Montreal area, you should really checkout Lufa Farms. It is so worth it. Can’t get much more local except if you grew your own produce, which we all know is pretty much impossible in Quebec 6-7months out of the year.

Oh, and I received organic corn flour. If anyone has any recipes, please pass them on in the comments!


La Moisson/Tau (Natural grocery store)


  • 2 avocados from California
  • Fair trade bananas from Equator (10.8 lbs)
  • 8 oranges from California
  • Tomatoes from Quebec (2.9 lbs)
  • Black beans (2.42 lbs)


  • 1L of kombucha brewed in Montreal
  • 1 brown bags of Tortilla chips from Texas
  • Sunflower seed bread made in Montreal
  • 3 glass jars of tomato paste made in Canada
  • 3 pints of blueberries from California
  • 1 celery stalk from California
  • 2 portobello mushrooms

Non-Food Itiems

  • 2 Radius tooth brushes made in the USA
  • 2 Radius toothbrush extensions made in the USA
  • Green Beaver toothpaste made in Onatrio
  • Soap Nuts

Sub-total: 121.09 minus our gift card (30.00) 91.09

Lufa Farms- Root Top Farm (All organic)

  • 9 Tomatoes
  • 1 large bunch of asparagus
  • 4 peppers
  • 1 bunch of mint
  • 1 super large cucumber
  • 2 bunches of rainbow chard
  • 1 bunch of random leafy greens that tasted good
  • Corn Flour
  • Cress

Sub-total: 42.00 (Paid in advance)


Wednesday: J.P had rice and veggies from a local Thai restaurant 8.00

Sub-Total: 8.00

Total: 141.09

Lots of smoothies and juices were made this past week. We tend to be juicing less because of the Blendtec. You would think we would have less compost, but that is not the case. We tend to eat a large amount of veggies and fruit which creates a lot of compost. So in reality I think we have the same amount of compost as every other week.

We are trying to bring our compost to my sis-in-laws once a week. However, when we juice it tends to fill up our bin much faster. We might have to make more than one trip per week.

The total weight of our compost was 19 lbs.

We still get stupid junk mail. I am not sure how to stop junk mail in Canada. I am definitely going to be looking into that. We have a small sign on our condo door that says “no junk mail.” Sometimes they read it and other times they don't see it. What a waste of paper.

We had the usual suspects like receipts, and some random pieces of plastic that can’t be recycled. We also had some packaging that can’t be recycled from the mushrooms we bought to grill on the BBQ. I know, I know- but I really wanted some mushrooms. At least they are Ontario grown! I will do better next time- promise!

We have less stickers to put in little E’s sticker book because Lufa Farms doesn't put stickers on their fruit and veggies. Score!

This week, J.P drove from work and back. I drove to daycare, rugby practice, Lufa Farms, and the grocery store.

The total distance traveled on the TDI was 300 km (186 mi) and for the Mazda was 212 km (131 mi). J.P had to fill up the Mazda with 45.8 L (12.1 gal) costing 61.52, but the TDI still has a quarter tank left. I can’t get over how much more expensive gas is in Canada.

Disclosure CMP.LY/5

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  1. mrs green @littlegreenblog.com says

    Hi from the meet and greet; you are doing so fabulously and I love that by asking and not taking no for an answer you were eventually able to be a catalyst for change – that is awesome; well done you. I know what you mean about compost; we eat so much fruit and veg that making compost is pretty much a full time job!

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