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5 Simple Green Living Travel Tips

Green Living Travel GoodGirlGoneGreen

Between speaking engagements and different work-related retreats, I have been traveling more than usual. As you know, traveling is hard on our planet, so I am personally extra careful to leave a lighter footprint by making simple, thoughtful choices that make healthy eco-traveling a reality. 

Every time I pack my bag, I pull out what I think of as my eco-travel kit. These are the essential items that go a long way in reducing the waste I make— and keeping me healthy— while away from home. Wherever I go, people are always asking about what I use when I travel, so I thought I’d share, in case you want to reduce your travel footprint, too. 

Here is my top 5 list of things to add to your very own eco-travel kit!

1) Reusable bottle(s)

Bringing along your favourite reusable bottle is a huge step you can take to reduce your waste while traveling. It’s easy to pack and will eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles or drink another beverage of choice in a disposable cup.

Plus, keeping hydrated while traveling keeps your skin looking great and your body moving smoothly. Planes are notoriously dry, so drink tons of water before, during, and after your flight to help your body feel its best.

I always pack my S’well bottle because it keeps my liquids really warm or really cold. Whatever temperature my drink goes into my S’well bottle as, it remains, as long as the lid is on. I learned just how ‘swell’ my bottle was after filling it up with room temperature water, twisting the cap on, and then putting it in the fridge overnight to get cold. When I opened my bottle the next day, the water was still room temperature! Lesson learned. If I want to change the temperature of a liquid in a S’well bottle, I need to leave the lid off. These are my 2 favorite reusable bottles: 

2) Reusable gear

Whether I’m at home or on the road, I choose stainless steel over plastic as much as I can— because as you know, plastic sucks for our planet and health.

Since I’m eating out so much while away, I pack reusable gear to help replace the throwaway options I find while eating out. Doing this isn’t really inconvenient, I just pack it in my bag, and wash it in the hotel room— but it does reduce my waste a ton! Imagine the impact if we all brought along our own gear.

Here are the items I always pack with my reusable water bottle and Hydro Flask:

3) Water filter 

Most water needs to be filtered for contaminants like bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and a host of other things we shouldn't have in our water. I love my Go Berkey; it is simple to travel with, lightweight (3 lbs), powerfully purifies contaminated water, filters 1 gallon of drinking water per hour and Berkeys are one of the best filtering systems on the market. I just don't leave home without it because I feel good knowing I am drinking safe and clean water.

4) Essential oils and supplements

I never travel without my Thieves essential oil roll-on— it’s a must-have every day but especially while away from home. It is perfect for colds and coughs. Also, travelling often leads to eating food you don’t usually eat, so I bring along my DiGize essential oil and rub it on my tummy for digestive discomfort. It is a magical oil. 

I make my own foaming soap (a very simple recipe) and I always have it with me when I leave the house. I also keep my non-toxic hand sanitizer in my purse so it's ready to use anytime. Because conventional soap is filled with crappy ingredients, airplanes are pretty nasty and I am not convinced that they actually clean them regularly. I take my cloth napkins and wipe down my seat and armrests. I definitely definitely get funny looks, but who cares. All that matters is that I stay healthy.

5) Healthy foods and snacks

When you're away from home, your regular sleep and eating routine is disrupted. And as I mentioned above, airplane travel leaves us dehydrated which can slow down our immune system. All of these things can leave us feeling less than our usual self.

  • Drink tons of water to keep things moving and your skin looking good.
  • I keep up with my intermittent fasting— a body game-changer for me!
  • Search for health food stores and restaurants close to you to make an eating plan.  
  • Some favourites include: 
    • Chipotle is my top choice for eating out when traveling
    • Whole Foods for healthy snacks and fruits/veggies
    • Pack nuts, seeds, and trail mix for healthy on the go snacks.

All these steps— packing great reusable gear and making a plan for staying healthy while traveling, makes a huge difference for our planet and our health!

So before you pack your next carry-on bag, tell me— what will you pack to take a step towards becoming an eco-traveller? 

Happy travels, friend, and please head over to watch my Instagram video, so you can see all the things I bring with me.

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