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Project Green Foot: Week 4

Boy was I ever right about having both a crazy and hectic week! I feel like I did not stop from Wednesday to Sunday.

I think we did fairly well considering we were not at home and had to be creative with our food purchases while traveling. I especially had to be creative with all the “gifts” I was given at the conference.

The gifts I excepted were 2 Molson Canadian pint glasses, 1 collectable tooth fairy coin from the Canadian Mint (J.P has a coin collection and we are starting one for little E), one cook book, 1 bottle of organic Olive oil in a glass jar, a bar of natural soap and one kids book for little E. I did win 3 prizes and received other gifts, but I gave them all away to other bloggers that could use them. You might think I took lots of gifts, but that was nothing compared to what I could have received. It was insane the amount of stuff the different companies were giving out.

Here are our stats for the week:


At the beginning of the week we finished off the veggie basket from Lufa Farms from the week before and J.P’s sister made us a lovely half vegan/non-vegan (chicken with roasted carrots and potatoes) dinner Monday evening. I of course had the veggies with my left over veggie soup.

J.P and I said our good-byes Tuesday night. Let’s see who spent the most and ate the best. We will let you guys be the judge!

Breakfast: Banana muffin courtesy of his sister Free
Lunch: Veggie delight sub & drink from Subway for lunch 7.00
Dinner: Nasty hamburger (his words) & a beer from the Chop House. You want to know how nasty; it had cheese on it as well as fried cheese sticks. He swears he had no idea about the cheese sticks. 10.00
Snacks: Bottled water….tisk tisk 1.00
Breakfast: All organic green tea, 2 banana’s & an apple Free
Lunch: Veggie soup & veggie sandwich from Tim Hortons 6.00
Dinner: Partial organic veggie burritos bowl (rice, beans, veggies, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce) from Chipotle. I was waiting all day to eat there. 9.00
Snacks: Veggies & fruit & lots of water Free brought with me on the road

Breakfast: English muffins & fruit Free with hotel stay
Lunch: 4 chicken strips, fries & a drink from Chick-fil-a 7.00
Dinner: Skipped dinner due to nasty burger on Wednesday & greasy chicken for lunch.
Snacks: Bottled water….tisk tisk 1.00
Breakfast/Lunch: Apple, carrot & ginger juice, raw veggie wrap, raw pumpkin concoction, 1 raw figg muffins & 4 chocolate/coconut balls from Cruda (all raw/vegan/organic restaurant) 32.00
Dinner: Vegan veggie pizza from an organic pizza joint 12.00
Snacks: Veggies & fruits & lots of water

Breakfast: O.J & B.L.T at hotel 7.00
Lunch: Veggie delight sub & drink from Subway 5.00
Dinner: Steak, potatoes, blueberry cobbler & 2 beer from “Cattlemens” steak house 60.00
Breakfast: Organic green tea & grilled veggies (peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach & potatoes) Free with conference
Lunch: Vegan wrap & apple Free with conference
Dinner: Salad, nachos & salsa 15.00
Snacks: Veggies & fruit & lots if water

Breakfast: Ham, cheese & egg panini from The Corner Bakery 7.00
Lunch/Dinner: Steak & potatoes from “Cattlemens” steak house 40.00
Breakfast/Lunch: Apple, carrot & ginger juice, 4 raw chocolate balls & a raw blueberry concoction from Cruda (all raw/vegan/organic restaurant) 22.00
Dinner: All organic & vegan veggie wrap with agave mustard, tortillas & a cookie from Spiral Diner 15.00

Breakfast/Lunch: Spiral’s Diner all organic/vegan food
J.P: Chicken-less salad sandwich, tortillas, O.J & a cookie
Me: Veggie Wrap, tortillas, apple & carrot juice & a cookie 34.00
J.P: Organic tomato sandwich with mayo at home
Me: A slice of bread (was not hungry)
Snacks: Lots of water

J.P: 161.00
Me: 127.00

Total Cost of Food: 288.00 Crap! That is a lot of money. We didn’t really have much of a choice, but to eat out. I was planning on bringing food. However, the hotel did not have a fridge.

J.P needed to purchase a wall mount for the T.V; the T.V did not fit anywhere in the house, and an HDMI cable and an extension cord because the ones we had were too short. 175.00

Total cost of everything: 463.00


We did not weigh our compost this week seeing as we were on the road. Toronto is a green city, so I was lucky enough to have found composting bins along with recycling bins across the city. So I just disposed of all my composting and recycling on Saturday morning. I probably had a few pounds of waste.

J.P claims he had no composting. He just ate everything on his plate I imagine.

I had a a little more personal recycling then usual. With all the “swag” and “prizes” from the conference, I had to recycle lots of paper. Where I did really well was graciously declining “gifts” from the different brands, which would have created lots of waste had I accepted them. I also gave other bloggers most of the gifts I received. Most people understood and even congratulated us on our adventure.

J.P didn't really have any personal recycling except for the water bottles.

Most of he packaging from the wall mount, HTMI cable and extension cord were recyclable. YAY!

J.P had waste from one of his subway food stops and all his containers from Chick-fil-a. Other then that, he was able to use his glassware, recycle or his food actually came on glass plates!

I did not have very much waste. I had waste from my vegan wrap; it was wrapped in plastic, as well I received a few gifts that were wrapped in unrecyclable plastic.

Our communal trash contained all the receipts from our purchases, and some plastic from the wall mount.


I travelled 550 km (342mi) to Toronto from Montreal. I did not have to pay for gas because my father needed to be in Toronto for work. Therefore, his company paid for the gas.

Then of course my trip on the plane (Boing 737) where I travelled 1042 nautical miles. The flight was direct from Toronto to Dallas, TX. I was hoping to drive with J.P to Fort Worth, but I think it would have been too hard on everyone with little E in a car for 30 hours.

J.P travelled 2880 km (1790 mi) to Fort Worth from Montreal. He of course had to fill the gas tank often.Therefore, he spent approximately $260.00 on fuel.

I think overall, J.P and I did pretty well on the waste-less front. However, we did spend more money then usual because we were unable to make our own food.

The last week made us realize that it is possible to live waste-free and eat good foods while traveling and we do not have to sacrifice too much in the process. I think we did the best we could given the situation, and really that is all one can ask for. No?

What do you think of our waste-free travel week?

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  1. Misty Mountain says

    Awesome……When 10% of the population in Williamsport Pa does what you currently do I will no longer need to purchase commercial fetilizer for row crops….Think about it…. I saw this model in Germany and Austria. In the city of Vienna 80% of ALL the organic waste is recycled. It takes educating Little “E”s generation to make it happen. Keep the blog and data flowing…extrapolate it out into the general population……change our workd. Nice Steph very nice. Be well .


  2. Tanya says

    Great job S. I think you both did very well for being away from home especially! I wish we had composting bins, that’s wonderful. Do you know of anywhere in the states they do? I’ll have to look that up. Keep it up lady!!

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