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One Day and Step at a Time

I think back to where we were one year ago- sitting in the birthing center holding our sweet little E!

Our world changed one year ago today. We no longer were just looking out for ourselves anymore; we had to think about someone else now.

Reading food and toy labels became second nature as well as researching the ingredients in our everyday products. We realized there are lots of nasty toxins in so many of our products, sometimes where we leased expected!

We decided to minimize her exposure to these toxins by buying non-toxic toys, eating organic, cleaning with water and vinegar, eliminating the toxins from our home, etc.

We felt such a tiny person shouldn't be exposed to all these harmful toxins in our environment. Some people think we may be going overboard, but, this is the way we have decided to raise her. We just want to give little E the best non-toxic start as possible.

I know she will eat dirt and suck on a dollar store toy one day. But, if we can delay it, we will!

As my husband always says to me “You can’t have her live in a bubble forever.” Maybe not forever, but I like her little non-toxic bubble right now.

One day and step at a time, right?

Little E's birthday was celebrated “Green Style“; feel free to check it out!

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Reader Interactions


  1. MG says

    You are so right! Let’s delay our children’s contact with nasty stuff as long as we can. We are now living new things with our teenager (14) and some days (a lot of days, since my son has no fear) I wish I could bring him back to toddlerhood when I could control and monitor everything for him.
    Don’t give up, even when people tell you you are exaggerating. If you feel it’s the right thing, then you can’t be wrong.

  2. Rhonda@Laugh-Quotes says

    What a lucky girl to have you as her mommy 🙂 Not for ever, but as long as you can. Then they have the foundation to grow up and make good choices for themselves. Mine usually do. My 13 year old just went vegetarian this year, and neither of my girls will eat anything with artificial sugar.

  3. Good Girl Gone Green says

    Just the other day someone wanted to give her some hard candy….first she could choke and second she is 12 months and has 8 teeth. I wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

  4. Nancy Style 'n Decor Deals says

    Love the photo! Happy B’day to little E!
    Definitely “go green” with your daughter. You can’t go wrong! I love the “green” diapers they have today. I used cloth diapers when my kids were babies (14 years ago) and it was not fun.

    Enjoy your little one! They grow so fast! My daughter is in her school’s Homecoming Court this weekend representing her Freshman class! How can my baby be walking down the field with daddy escorting her tomorrow night? She’s still my baby.

    • Good Girl Gone Green says

      Oh thank you Nancy! Yes, it seems they grow fast. I can’t believe she is 1 year old already! I feel like I was just pregnant with her. I hope your daughter has fun at her homecoming court!!! 🙂

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