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Project Green Foot- week 18

Another fantastic, but crazy week back home. I am looking forward to getting back to normal! The last few days we were unable to compost- not even guerrilla compost. We live in town, so I couldn’t just dump my scraps in the road, but you know I was thinking about it! Before we brought our food scraps to the woods near J.P’s parents for the animals to munch on-all organic tasty treats for them!

I was super happy that the raw/vegan/organic restaurant near my house was finally open after being closed for a week over the holidays! I indulged in one raw yumminess.

I realized the last week how difficult it is to recycle, compost, and have your reusables, etc handy all the time while traveling. I have to remember it is ok to stumble- I will keep my head up high and think of all the good we are actually doing one piece of recyclables paper and trash at a time!


La Moisson health food store

  • Peanut butter in a glass jar
  • 4 raw chocolate brownies
  • 1 chocolate tart
  • 1 can of kidney beans
  • 2 large bottles of Komucha
  • 13 banana’s
  • 1 bag of cranberries
  • 2 heads of romaine lettuce
  • 13 tomatoes
  • Loaf of organic bread
  • 3 lemons
  • parsley
  • garlic

Non-food items

  • 2 jars of children’s vitamin D
  • 1 jar of adults vitamin D

Sub-Total: 170.09


  • Wednesday: We ordered pizza. We didn’t have our reusable boxes, they were back in Texas. However, we were able to save the whole box-no grease stains! 25.00
  • Friday: JP ordered chicken from his all time favorite restaurant again. All the packaging was made from 100% recycled paper which is pretty awesome! This particular restaurant does not use any styrofoam and only plastic for the lid to the coleslaw. Now to get them to buy free-range local organic chickens. A girl can dream you know! 20.00
  • I order take-out from La Crudessence (raw food restaurant) and used my glass container, of course! I enjoyed a rice veggie wrap with dill paté and a raw brownie. Yum! 19.00

    Sub-Total: 39.00

    Total: 209.09

    This week we continued to guerrilla compost for most of the week. However, near the end of the week we had to put our scraps in the trash. I could actually pinpoint the time my heart broke in two.

    We most definitely had more recycling than usual. It was more difficult to buy food plastic-free and package-free- which was frustrating. This week we had plastic bags from vegetables and fruit(I know, I know…), plastic containers from fruits (Grrr), paper from mail, cardboard from JP’s dinner, pizza box, some random plastic and paper.

    The trash this week comprised of the usual suspects veggie/fruit stickers, plastic banana wrap, receipts, and tie wrap from different veggies. As well, we had some food scraps which broke my little green heart! We still didn’t have that much trash considering the situation. We most definitely had less than the average person. As much as it did bother me, I have to let go, right? It was my new year’s resolution after all!

    Since being home, we have been driving my mom-in-laws SUV to get around. It used way more gas than we are use to, but it does the job while we are home and we are appreciative. We traveled  489.09 km (303.91 mi), and filled the gas tank with 59.5 L (15.72 gallons) costing 74.04. I am looking forward to driving my diesel when back in Texas.

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  1. Erika @ My Road to Savings says

    You are amazing! For some reason this year I have become more aware and am taking steps to being more green. My goal is to make all my own cleaners this year because well I have no idea what those products really are and I want natural non-toxic cleaners in my home. You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog.

    I am a new follower from the Thursday Blog Hop and I look forward to learning and getting more ideas from you and your wonderful blog!

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