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Thula Recycled Cardboard Hangers (Review & Giveaway)

We all use them. We all break them. We all get frustrated when they get entangled and poke us in the eye from time to time. You guessed it- hangers!

Did you know that most curbside recycling companies don't accept plastic or metal hangers, and most wooden ones are not compostable? Therefore, 8 billion hangers end up in landfills every year, enough to fill 4.6 Empire State Buildings from the basement to the observation deck. That is a lot of hangers.

Plastic hangers can contain up to 7 different types of plastic, making it very difficult to identify the plastic to be recycled. Not only are the hangers made of plastic, but often they will have clips which in turn makes recycling even more difficult.

Wire hangers are usually made from low-grade metals and are often coated with varnish and paint, which complicates recycling them. Many of the metal hangers get jammed and could cause damage to the recycling machines. Therefore, they have to stop the machines until the problem is fixed. This is not cost effective for the recycling companies, if they are spending time unjamming machines.

Why not wood? Many wooden hangers are partially made of various materials, including plastics  and metals. A large number of wooden hangers are not made from recycled wood or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood which negatively impacts the environment. They are often sprayed with stains, and sealers, and will not compost or biodegrade.

What does an environmentally-friendly gal like myself do when she needs some hangers? Recycled cardboard hangers, of course!

I was contacted by Thula Inc., a Canadian company who specializes in environmentally friendly products for kids. They recently began manufacturing cardboard hangers in children sizes. My first thought was that they would be flimsy and, do we really need another disposable product out there? But that is not the case at all. If anything, those wire and plastic hangers are the flimsy and disposable ones breaking after a year or two.

I have been using the hangers for a month now, and, honestly, really love them. They are sturdy, and just the right size for my daughters clothing. I am not going to hang a soggy snowsuit on one anytime soon, but on the flip side, I have broken many a plastic and wire hangers with wet winter jackets etc.

The best part about their product is they are made from recycled cardboard that comes from here in Canada, the hangers are made in Canada, and they are both recyclable and compostable. I don't think any of their plastic, wire and wooden counterparts can say that.

They use an uncoated cardboard free of dyes and they actually have their logo embossed on the hangers so they don't have to use dyes that would otherwise leach into out soil when composted or off gas in our closets.

Next on their list of products line additions is adult hangers. However, I do not have a time frame to when they will be available.

Understand that I am not encouraging everyone to dispose of their plastic, wire and wooden hangers, and run out and purchase these eco-friendly ones. That would go against my green and environmentally-friendly thinking. What I am suggesting is when you need to invest in some hangers, think of your environmental impact when buying plastic, or metal ones. Think about all the hangers that end up in landfills and how purchasing cardboard hangers are a safe and eco-friendly option. We have the buying power to make make changes- so let's do it together!

Would you like to get your hands on a set of these styling eco-friendly hangers?

How to enter:

I am not going to make you jump through too many hoops to enter; I am going to keep it as simple as possible. Leave me a comment telling me what 120 divided by 2 plus 5 is.

Seriously-  I am not kidding. Canada has some weird rules and you have to answer a skill testing question to win- it can’t just be by pure luck apparently.

Besides that, write whatever you like; say Hi; tell me why you would like these hangers; tell me that I am great….I will leave the rest of the comment writing up to you.

If you would like to follow me, or Thula Inc. on twitter or like me, or Thula Inc. on facebook, please feel free. I will leave that at your discretion. It will greatly be appreciated and will most definitely put a smile on our faces. If you decide to however, leave a separate comment letting me know for each action.

Oh and tweeting about the giveaway, won’t gain you anymore entries, but it sure will make this green girl jump up and down with joy!

No purchase is necessary to enter, must be 18 years or older to participate and this giveaway is open to Canadian residents only except Quebec. They have some funky rules that I don’t want to get involved with. The winner will randomly be selected using random.org and the skill testing question will be verified before the winer is announced. Entries will be accepted until midnight EST on Monday, July 2, 2012 and the winner will be announced the following day.

Disclosure CMP.LY/5

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