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Homemade Coconut Milk

Homemade Coconut Milk - Good Girl Gone Green

When I was a kid, heck, when I was an adult before transitioning to the vegan lifestyle I drank milk, and especially loved chocolate milk. For the last few weeks, I have been purchasing unsweetened coconut milk to add to my smoothies to make it extra creamy.

I sometimes miss drinking something other then water. I decided to take a big sip of the coconut milk I had in the fridge. I spat it out. It tasted like watered down something, and actually doesn’t even smell like coconut. That got me thinking- perhaps I could just make my own with shredded coconut and water. So I did.

I originally tried to make it in a food processor and that didn’t really workout as planned. I don’t think it is powerful enough. Once I had my Blendtec in hand, I tried it again. It worked like a charm.

My homemade coconut milk smells and tastes like coconut, unlike the store bought variety I have encountered. It is creamy and just lovely.

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Homemade Coconut Milk - Good Girl Gone Green

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  1. I haven’t tried making my own coconut milk yet, so I’m glad to see how easy it is. Love all the variations you came up with.

  2. YUM! I’ve never liked commercial coconut milk for that very reason … it just simply didn’t taste like coconut. This version sound wonderful. Now I’m imagining the basic recipe with, perhaps, some orange for a decadent Pina Colada type concoction.

  3. Wow, there are things we never knew that are so simple and easy to make. I’m totally loving this, especially with the different varieties to try out.

  4. I must say all of your favorite thing friday recipes that you link up make me drool and this is no exception. LOVE some coconut milk! Thanks so much for linking up again. As always I enjoy your blog so much.

  5. I have actually only ever used coconut milk in curry never even thought about making my own. Thanks for making it look so easy to do!


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