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Foods to Keep You Hydrated

Foods to Keep You Hydrated | GoodGirlGoneGreen.comFarmer’s markets are in full swing (in case you have not noticed) and I am loving it. There is an abundance of fresh veggies and fruits that I can fill my plate with, and I just feel so inspired to eat healthy and stay on track. I find when I am fueling my body with all the right things, exercising and being active just comes naturally to me. I enjoy munching on these 6 foods to keep me hydrated. I drink a large amount of water during the day, but on those hot days extra juices from your foods will not hurt.

When I frequent the different farms and markets, I always am interested in finding exactly where my food comes from and how it was grown. I am not interested in my berries being sprayed with toxic pesticides. This is so important to me. Just because something is labeled organic doesn't necessarily, in my opinion, make it better than something from a local farm that incorporates sustainable practices. Some farms simply can not afford the organic certification price tag. Asking the right questions can lead to new and lasting friendships.

6 Foods to Keep You Hydrated

They are perfect as is or perhaps in a juice or smoothie.

  1. Berries – any type of berry will do. It can be blue or yellow or red, and I will pop in in my mouth. They are so delicious and I anxiously await their arrival every single year. Store bought organic strawberries in February, just don't compare to local fresh ones!
  2. Cucumbers – they are my all time favorite vegetable. Most of the time I just eat them as they are.
  3. Tomatoes – nothing tastes better than a ripe juicy tomato right off the vine. Oh, how I just love all the different varieties of heirloom tomatoes.
  4. Peppers  I have a love affair for red, yellow and orange peppers (sorry green, you just don't do it for me). I eat them like an apple. Seriously. I am waiting impatiently for my local farmer to have his peppers ready, but that won’t be until August. I just can't bring myself to buy organic peppers from Ireland, Yes, you read correctly. My local grocery store is importing peppers from Ireland. I have, however, been lucky enough over the last month, receiving orange hydroponic peppers in my Lufa Farms basket. Since our subscription expired last week, we decided to put off renewing. We are simply point to purchase everything we need from local farms and once there are less veggie and fruit options, we will sign right back up for the whole winter.
  5. Apples I know apple season is at least 2 months away, but I am thinking of them often. I am very much looking forward to taking little E apple picking in September. What a treat that will be.
  6. Celery – I am such a celery fan. I think my favorite part is the crunch, and oh yes, the beautiful dark green and red colors of farm fresh celery. It is one of the most refreshing vegetables I can think of besides cucumbers.

What are your favorite farmer's market finds? Do you gravitate towards the same foods or do you live it up and try new things? What foods helps you keep your energy levels high?

Foods to Keep You Hydrated | GoodGirlGoneGreen.com

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