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5 Ideas on How to Ditch the Halloween Candy

5 Ideas on How to Ditch the #Halloween Candy #safe #All the little ghosts and goblins have made it home safe and sound from a night on the town with their reusable bags filled with sugary sweets. Many parents don't want to deprive their kids the experience of Halloween, but at the same time, don’t want them to fill their tummy’s with all that sugar.

My daughter just turned 2 and had some candy for the very first time this past week. However, I made sure it was a healthier version. We opted for Annie’s Homegrown organic vegan bunny fruits (Buy Here), and she loved them.  I am sure this won’t work for long, and we will have to come up with a plan B.

So what to do with the all that candy sitting in your house? You could always just throw it away, but that seems too wasteful. Here are a few ideas to help you with your candy addiction:

5 Ideas on How to Ditch the Halloween Candy

  1. Bring it to work. My husband left this morning with the small amount of candy that little E collected to share with his co-workers. Before you all get your Halloween costumes in a bunch, there are plenty of fruit bunnies waiting for her when she wants some. Don’t get me wrong, she won't be eating bags of them, but a little treat won’t hurt every once in a while.
  2. Donate it. Many parents don’t mind that their kids eat candy around Halloween, and see it as a right of passage while growing up. Perhaps donate your candy or some of it, to a food bank, church etc.
  3. Swap it. I have heard it called the switch witch or pumpkin fairy or great pumpkin before-  they take the candy in exchange for some money or a small little prize like the tooth fairy. Neat idea. It could be a fun tradition.
  4. Give it to your dentist. I have read that more and more dentists are accepting Halloween candy in exchange for money. Your kids bring their candy to their dentist, and they get some money in return.
  5. Compost it. If you really don’t want your kids or any other kid for that matter to have candy, before tossing it in the trash, unwrap it and put it in your compost bin. After unwrapping it, send the wrapper to TerraCycle where they will recycle the wrappers into purses, pencil cases etc.

What will you be doing with all that candy? Eating it? Swapping it? Donating it? Composting it?  Giving it?

I would love to hear if you let your little monsters eat the candy or if you preferred doing something creative.

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