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12 Uses for an Old Shirt

repurpose old tshirt GoodGirlGoneGreen

I hate to throw things out, and what I dislike even more is seeing items in the trash that are in perfectly good condition. It breaks my heard knowing that they will just sit in a landfill. I sometimes save random items from certain death in a landfill– don’t judge!

We tend to live in a world where we use something once and toss it without a second though. But most of the time these items could be repurposed into something completely different and functional.

Lift your hand up if you have too much clothing? As women, our closets are often overflowing with stuff we have never even worn. So, in a frenzy we clean up. Now what will you do with all the items you don’t want?  Of course donating, and giving away our clothing are nice gestures, but sometimes our shirts are in no condition to be donated or we simply have another use for them. Here are 10 12 ways to bring life back to an old shirt:

  1. Make rags, napkins or cloth towels. Take the scissors and cut away. No need to spend money on these items when you have t-shirts just screaming reuse me!
  2. Have you ever thought of making produce bags from old t-shirts? I sure haven’t -until I found this how to make your own produce bags tutorial.
  3. Now that you have t-shirt produce bags, you most definitely need t-shirt grocery bags.
  4. Follow these steps and you can have your own tot bag!
  5. Looking for a simple gift bag– look no longer! I think I could even make this.
  6. Sometimes we just want our hair out of our faces. I often wish I had a headband, but I am not interested in spending money on one. Looks like I can just make my own.
  7. I love scarves and I probably own way too many. So, I am going to attempt to make my own.
  8. Wouldn't your old New Kids on the Block t-shirt look fabulous as a pillow? I sure do!
  9. If you do not want to go out and buy organic stuffing for your new pillow- shred an old t-shirt and use it for pillow stuffing! I know- brilliant. You can thank me later.
  10. Make a pet bed out of a few t-shirts and stuff it with shredded t-shirts. I have not made one and was not able to find a tutorial, but I am thinking it would be similar to making a pillow, no?  I am not crafty, so please  correct me if I am wrong! And if you do not have a pet, do what the Green Bag Lady does and donate it to a animal shelter.
  11. Take your t-shirt and create another piece of clothing. Cut the arms off and you have a tank top or cut a V around the neck and you V neck shirt. the possibilities are endless.
  12. If you have a long sleeve shirt- leg warms.

The list is pretty endless how you can repurpose an old shirt. Just remember, by simply repurposing a shirt we can extend it’s life, divert it from a landfill,  and conserve our natural resources.

Will your next shopping experience include a t-shirt bag? I think mine might.

repurpose old tshirt GoodGirlGoneGreen

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Reader Interactions


  1. Michelle says

    Great ideas for re-purposing old tees. We donate old tees, make cleaning rags out of them, and my daughters have also practiced their sewing skills by turning them into bags for their toys. I LOVE scarves, so I’m definitely going to give the no-sew infinity scarf project a try. Thanks. 😉

  2. NJ @ A Pocket Full Of Dinosaurs says

    This are all wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing them! My husband recently lost 30 pounds and 2 shirt sizes. I’m SWIMMING in tee shirts that don’t fit him anymore. We’re going to pass most of his things on, but I will definitely be making a few things off of this list (and pinning to Pintrest).

  3. Rosemary says

    I remember my Mum putting one of Dad’s old work shirts on me backwards for a painting smock. I did the same with my daughter and have cute photos of her at three, finger painting on the picnic table in the back yard. She is now a professional landscape artist. Old shirts are magic!

  4. snosler says

    Legwarmers … to funny – I just wrote about those a few days ago! Growing up ALL of our rags and dishtowels were old shirts – all of them. Good idea to bring back!

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