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The Green Natural Valentine

Simple – that is really how I try to live, especially when it comes to different holidays. I don’t like to give into the mainstream celebrating and commercialism that surrounds them. Valentine’s day is really no different.

All I have seen lately are red and pink colored chocolate boxes and stuffed animals in store windows trying to make people think they need to spend all this money to show they care. I personally believe it is the thought that really does count. I am all about the little things and pleasures. I don't need a heart shaped pillow to know that J.P cares.

One of my most memorable and thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts was from last year; a bunch of beautiful long stem organic carrots. Yes, you heard that right carrots. For those who know me, it really was the perfect gift for me. And let’s be honest, it was good for the environment, too!

So why not avoid all that needless shopping and do something thoughtful for your partner or kids or friends this year?

By avoiding more consumerism and emphasizing more thoughtfulness, you get the dual benefit of being green and feeling appreciated this year. Below are some ways of combining your love for the planet and love for your partner or kids…you get the picture!

  1. Everyone likes to receive cards especially for Valentines day. Instead of chopping down all those trees and spending more money, use what you have around the house to create the perfect card. Now you can’t tell me those aren't the cutest cards? But, if you lack craftiness, like myself send an e-card!
  2. If sweetness is on the menu, the best treats really are homemade hands downs. Attempt I make my very own raw vegan chocolate bark which is quite simple.
  3. But if you must, always look for fair-trade/organic chocolate and if you are wondering why, Jennifer from Not easy to be green explains it all.
  4. Plan and make your dinner together using fresh organic and local ingredients. Most of my favorite meals are homemade. Try this easy salsa or raw tzatziki sauce to dip some nice red peppers.
  5. If you are thinking of spicing it up and would like some candles think of using non-petroleum based ones. Those candles are a chalk full of chemicals. Look for beeswax and non-GMO soy candles. Better yet make your own.
  6. Flowers are nice, but a plant would last so much longer and contribute to you breathing in cleaner air. Look for a nice local and organic plant. Nothing says I love you like breathing in fresh clean air.
  7. One super creative and cute idea I came across was “the jar of love and encouragement.” Simply fill a glass jar with multiple small slips of paper that include reasons why you love or appreciate your son, daughter, or spouse. Now that definitely shows your love and green side.

So, before running to the store, and spending your hard earned money think about how you can show you care for them, and the planet as well. Remember, simple and creativeness is key!

What are your Valentine’s day ideas for this year?

[Photo used under Creative Commons from adactio/Flickr

Reader Interactions


  1. Jennifer @noteasy2begreen says

    Long stem carrots! I love it. I think the great thing about Valentine’s Day is that there are so many ways to express your love without having to spend a lot of money or buy more stuff. Sometimes I wonder if buying stuff is really just a poor substitute for putting in the effort to be more considerate, affectionate, or caring.

  2. Weekend-Windup says

    Appreciate your thoughts…Yes, it has dual benefits

    Its not necessary to give expensive gifts to show our love. It should be in our heart, mutual respect, care for each other.

  3. rebecca says

    The carrots are way too cute! You know what? I actually received this as a gift from a student of mine back in college. He was 10 and I thought it was the funniest thing ever

  4. Michelle says

    Great ideas! I would love to try to make my own candles. I love the scented ones, though. I was looking at that article about how to make the candles. I don’t know if they’d have the kind of essential oils to make the scents I like. Any ideas?

  5. Jen says

    We usually try to make our own gifts. Or sometimes we don’t even give gifts but rather just spend time together enjoying one anothers company.

  6. Lisa D Liguori says

    I really appreciate this post. I have been thinking of what to do for my family this Valentines Day. I usually make a lovely dinner (with hues of pink and red) and dessert. After reading this, I am going to add the jar of love and encouragement. The final touch. That is fabulous. My teen age son will have a grand time rolling his eyes at that! 😉

  7. The Organic Blonde says

    Fantastic suggestions and great reminders that this is, indeed, such a commercial holiday! It’s always nice to get something that requires more thought than something prepackaged.

  8. Small Footprints says

    Nice, nice & nice! The love/encouragement jar is wonderful … and imagine if one put 365 pieces of “encouragement” in the jar … or added to it daily. Wow … I imagine it would make for some great attitudes throughout the year. Here’s another idea … make a “bouquet” out of seeds. Simply attach packets of seeds onto bamboo chop sticks … lovely & useful “bouquet”. Even better if one has collected heirloom seeds which can be bundled up using whatever one has around the house (scrap paper, material like old T-shirts, etc.). If one is giving the bouquet to children, use fast growing seeds so that when they plant, they’ll see quick results. 🙂 Thanks for this post !!

  9. Kris says

    Hopped on over from Reduce Footprints. You are so right..I was walking through the aisles at Target yesterday and just looking at all the valentines day stuff and thinking what a waste it all was! Half of it’s going to end up in the trash for sure. I love the idea of giving carrots (although I would prefer homemade sweets myself lol) but it sounds like J.P. really knows YOU and got you what you would love, and that’s what the day is all about.

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