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10 Tips on How to Reduce Your Pets Carbon Paw Print

10 ways to reduce your pets impact on the planet - GoodGirlGoneGreen

We seem to always be concerned about reducing our carbon footprint, but what about our furry friends carbon paw print? From their toys to their food to their gear and the resulting waste to their everyday living, they too have an impact on the environment. As we try to lessen our impact, we can also implement these 10 practices into our everyday life to reduce their paw print on the earth.

  1. Ditch the plastic as you would for yourself when it comes to their food bowls. Stainless steel (like this one– affiliate link) is the best way to go. They are more durable, sturdy and easy to clean. Plastic can get nicks and break and this can become a breeding ground for germs.
  2. Reading food labels does not only apply to us. Take the time to read the ingredient list. Think about buying organic or natural foods (like this -affiliate link) , or better yet attempt to make your own (click here for the recipe). We know that organic is better for us, so the same should apply to your pets.
  3. If you choose to buy your own food, look for products with minimal packaging, as well as recyclable packaging. This also applies to their toys, gear, bed etc.
  4. Use grooming products that are made with natural and/or organic ingredients instead of chemicals that can be harmful to your pet, the planet and you. Again, you can always make your own products (click here for the recipe) to clean your animal.
  5. Please give a hoot and pick up their poop! Use eco-friendly biodegradable bags (click here to purchase them -affiliate link) to scoop up the poop. Leaving it to decompose outside is unsanitary and it can contaminate our soil and water supply.
  6. The traditional clay kitty litter has a heavy environmental impact due to the mining of the clay and it also does not decompose very well. According to Tree Hugger over 2 million tons of non-biodegradable cat litter made from clay that is mined ends up in municipal landfills each year. There are, of course, different eco-friendly alternatives such as litter made from recycled paper (click here to purchase -affiliate link).
  7. Your pet needs a nice cozy bed, right? Either reuse a few old blankets to make a bed or try to purchase one that is made from sustainable, organic (like this one -affiliate link) and/or recycled materials. Better for your pet and the environment.
  8. All pets love to play with toys, but how many do they really need? Limit the amount of toys you buy. I am pretty sure Fido will be happy with a few toys and won’t even know the difference.  Avoid the cheap plastics that may expose your pet to different chemicals. Look for toys made from natural fibers such as hemp and/or bamboo or even organic cotton. If you decide to take the plastic route look for non-toxic toys (like this -affiliate link). Try  giving your dog a big frozen carrot to chew on. When it comes to their get-up, look for leashes and collars etc. made from sustainable materials as well.
  9. The number of animals that are homeless and abandoned is not decreasing. Spay and neuter your pets. This is not only beneficial to your pets health, but the planet. By deciding to humanly reduce the pet population, this lessens the stress animals place on the planet.
  10. Love your pet!

What are you doing to reduce your pets everyday paw print?

Source: Tree Hugger

10 ways to reduce your pets impact on the planet - GoodGirlGoneGreen

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  1. Small Footprints says

    I love Tip #2 … I never used to read the labels on pet food. Then I was given a package of a high quality food and the difference in my kitty was very noticeable. She seemed to have more energy and just seemed … well … more healthy. The product was organic and didn’t contain “fillers”. It was an important lesson … now I read the labels on her food as diligently as I read them on ours.

    • Good Girl Gone Green says

      You are awesome! I was at my farmers market and this guy was selling dog treats; all natural and organic. He told me this couples comes every few weeks and buys a bag for themselves; they have no pets. At first I was grossed out but, read the ingredients. All stuff I would eat! Reading labels in important. Our tummies do not like fillers, neither do our pets! 🙂

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