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10 Random Items Containing Animal Products

10 Random Items Containing Animal Products - GoodGirlGoneGreen

Whether you are a meat eater or not-there are many products that we use daily containing animal by products. Most companies do not have to disclose on their labels if there are in fact animal ingredients in their products; they leave it very vague.

10 random items that surprisingly contain some form of animal ingredients:

Plastic bags. I was not aware of this, and was slightly taken aback from the information.  Most plastic bags contain a “slip agents” made from animal fats to reduce friction.

Tires. Animal based stearic acid is added to them to help hold their shape on a steady surface friction. Plant-based stearic acid is available; therefore your tires may or may not contain animal products.

Glue. To be exact, musical glue and wood working glue. Apparently, it is the best adhesive for pianos.

Biofuels can be made from sugar cane and corn. However, some biofuels are being made from animal fats.

Fireworks. Not only do they create enormous amounts of air pollution, but some contain animal stearic acid. This is used to coat some of their components to keep them longer and avoid oxidation. They can be made from plant-based sources, but you never know, right?

Fabric softener contains Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride, which comes from the cattle, sheep and horse industry.

Shampoo and conditioner. Panthenol”, “Amino acids”, or “Vitamin B” when written on bottles can either be plant sourced or animal sourced. If you are looking to ditch the animal by products, look for vegan alternatives.

Toothpaste contains glycerin, which can be plant or animal-based. Do your homework if you are looking to reduce animal by products in your toothpaste or better yet, look into making your own.

White and brown sugar. Some refineries will use ash from animal bones as filters for their sugar. However, some companies use granular carbon or ion exchange systems instead. This I was very surprised to learn.

Marshmallows and Jello. Any products containing gelatin are made with some form of animal ingredients, which are made from animal collagen. Makes you rethink having jello shots and smores yesterday, no?

Whether you find this list disturbing or just plain interesting-just remember knowledge is power. And most definitely-food for thought.

Source: Care2.com

10 Random Items Containing Animal Products - GoodGirlGoneGreen

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  1. Kristen says

    Knowledge IS power. I think it’s also responsibility… once you know something, it is hard to ignore it. Specifically, when it comes to food, government, organizations, toxicity, etc. Most people are so brainwashed, and it is very hard to motivate people to make a change when they don’t even believe it. If it’s not on the evening news, then it must not be true. *sigh*

  2. Mary Jayn says

    Wow… I was surprised to learn most of them. For some items, like the shampoo for example, you say that the ingredients such as Panthenol or Amino-Acids can be animal or plant derived. How can I tell from which source it’s really from ?

  3. lindy says

    This is interesting, I’m going to have to get online and check into my toothpaste-something about cleaning my teeth with animal bits and pieces grosses me out!

  4. Rachel says

    Woah that’s crazy. I would have never known…

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments about my style post. You should try the tucked in look…I think it just takes some getting used to 🙂

  5. Pam says

    Thanks for this chin-dropping, eye opening, eco-education. I do use natural/organic/vegan products from 1 company & KNOW I can trust their ingredients, but I am still so shocked when I find articles like yours. Knowledge IS power =) Again, thanks so much. I will share & tweet this too.

  6. Jessica says

    Yay! I found you. I’ve been clicking on your comments on my blog and it tells me that your blog no longer exists. So, I put on my Nancy Drew hat hoping that you hadn’t disappeared from the blogsphere. Whew! You are still here! I don’t know if you can change it, but your site address that appears under your user name in comments is missing the ‘e’ from the word gone.

    Now, about those animals products. I don’t mind using animal products, but it does kinda weird me out that animal products are hidden in things (like toothpaste??!?) that I don’t know about. Very informative!

  7. tanya says

    Things like this rarely surprise me anymore, but there are items listed here I wasn’t aware of, so thank you for the heads up. There are shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, etc. out there that are animal product and testing free you just have to look for them. PETA has a great list for those of you interested.


  8. JENNI says



  9. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead says

    I definitely didn’t know about most of those — aside from gelatin. It’s also used for colored lenses on stage lights, which always makes me think twice about my desire to eat anything with gelatin in it 🙂

    Great post! And thanks for stopping by NOH

  10. Sofia says

    I almost get sick when you mentioned white and brown sugar!! I hope my sugar brand uses granular carbon and not ashes! Do you know how we can find out which brand uses what?

  11. Susan F says

    Some days, I long for the “ignorance is bliss” attitude that I used to have. I learned a few new things today.

    So, any idea how I find out if my tires are made with animal or veggie based stearic acid?

    Jello shots and marshmallows: agar is a beautiful thing! It was funny, I gave up gelatin products, including my beloved altoids; but kept eating my organic marshmallow mateys because I didn’t think. One day, my best friend (who did the same thing) realized that we were being dumb and goodbye Marshmallow Mateys. I think I cried! LOL Normally giving up food products doesn’t bother me but it was my favorite cereal in the whole world that I let myself eat one bowl a week. LOL

    Love this list, keep the info coming. I may miss ignorance but knowledge makes me powerful.

    • Good Girl Gone Green says

      LOL! I am not quite sure. I know they make tires without animals and with recycled materials but not sure where. I am going to need new tires so I am planning on looking into it. I will let you know what find out! Thanks!

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