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Who's that Girl?

When I see garbage cans overflowing with recyclables, it breaks my heart.

When I see plastic bags and disposable plastics wash up on the shores of our oceans, rivers and lakes, it makes me sad.

When I see cows being force-fed corn, it makes me sick to my stomach.

When I see people turn a blind eye to the multiple harmful chemicals lurking in their everyday products, it makes me cringe.

When I hear people say that global warming is a myth, it makes me twitch with anger.

Therefore, if I can stop one water bottle from being placed in a landfill, one plastic bag from being ingested by a sea turtle, one family from consuming factory farmed animals, or one kid from being exposed to formaldehyde, then I will feel like I have begun to make a difference in peoplesโ€™ lives. All I ask is for you to do the best you can.

โ€œI am doing the best I can. And that, to me, is what all of us should do. We should always feel like a hummingbird. I may feel insignificant, but I certainly donโ€™t want to be like the animals watching as the planet goes down the drain.. I will be a hummingbird. I will do the best I can.โ€ ~Wangari Maathai, Dirt! The Movie

Dirt! The Movie uses the hummingbird analogy to prove that, no matter your size, you can make a difference.

I am the Good Girl Gone Green. I am a tree hugger; I am almost vegan; I am a hummingbird. I am trying my best to make a difference on this planet. I want to be the voice of change that will help others make their positive contribution to the environment.

People often tell me that I am just one person. How could I possibly make a meaningful change? To all those people, I say, this blog is only the beginning!

Please keep in mind, I don't have a filter. I am not sure if I was born without one or if I lost it somewhere along the way. Living without a filter creates interesting situations – some good and some bad.

That is what you will find here: the unfiltered truth about the ups and downs of living the green life.

So, please join me on my quest to empower and inspire you to do better and feel significant, no matter what you do!

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Reader Interactions


  1. J.P. says

    I admire you beyond belief. You stand up for what you believe in and you lead by example. It has been an absolute pleasure watching you spread your wings. Be patient with us big dumb animals and, hopefully, one day we will join you to fight the fire!

  2. Kat's Confessions says

    You go girl! I am so proud to “know” the unfiltered you! You can make a difference and this beautiful blog is sure to help! Congratulations and big hugs!

  3. Pampered Patty says

    Hi ya Steph aka hummingbird!

    I love your site and I am so happy that it is finally where you want it to be. I am also passionate about the earth and trying to teach my kids to know this is the only home they will have, they are inheriting the earth and need to know how to care for it. One of my favorite quotes is

    Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi).

    This is for me the way I try to live my life and although I may not be as green as some, the passion is still there and I know in my small ways I will make a difference while I am here. Teaching my kids to make a difference will have a huge impact so they will take care, nurture and respect the planet they live on.

    all the best!!!

  4. Mom says

    Congratulations Steph!!!!! You did an amazing job, worked very hard and now your dream has taken flight. I am very proud of you.
    Love Mom

  5. Nancy says

    Welcome babe, glad it’s up! I am also passionate about making a change in this world, no matter how big or small! Look forward to what’s to come, maybe you can guest post on my blog as well!


  6. Good Girl Gone Green says

    That is so amazing, Eileen! I am so happy that I was able to inspire you today! And it’s always better to have more recycling than garbage. About composting, I will be posting information on the topic in the next week or so for your reading pleasure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. How Does She Do It Mom says

    Absolutely love it!!! Congrats Steph…to think of where this concept started from an where it is now…way to go…SO PROUD Of you!! xoxo

  8. Shirley says

    Stephanie. Two words – beautiful and fantastic. This is going to be a great site! Definitely worth the wait! Congratulations!!!!

  9. Janice says

    Congratulations Stephanie, great site. I am fortunate to live in a rural area that has a great community that is very “green” aware. It has for a long time been into recycling, we have had a “free store” ever since I moved here where people donate the things they don’t need or want anymore and other people think are treasures, we are very aware of composting, and since most of us are using well water or storing rain water we practice water conservation, but there is always ways to improve and so will think of myself as the hummingbird! I am looking forward to more information from you. Good luck! xo

  10. Michelle says

    Congratulations on the new blog! It’s lovely.

    Don’t you love listening to Wangari Maathai? She’s such an inspiration to people everywhere. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to many of her speeches and interviews, and I’m always left with a smile on my face and inspiration in my heart.

    Good luck with your new endeavor!

    Peace. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Scott aka This Daddy says

    Very Nice. Glad you got it going and it loks good. Someone like you can reach others and start to make a difference. It is the little things that add up to the bigger things.

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