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Tips to Keep Your Reusable Bags Clean

Tips to Keep Your Reusable Bags Clean | GoodGirlGoneGreen.com

A recent study conducted by researchers from George Mason University and the University of Pennsylvania has cast doubt on the safety of using reusable bags due to e-coli contamination and it is time to set the record straight. According to the study, in the three-month period after a San Francisco bag ban was enacted, that city saw an increase in the number of hospital emergency room visits and deaths attributed to E. Coli.

Sounds frightening right?  Well, let’s take a closer look and see if we can’t get the real story.

Tomas Aragon, Health Officer of San Francisco, did a great job in laying out the flaws in the methodology and inaccurate findings of this study.  It seems that the methods used to conduct the study are questionable but unfortunately, many news outlets picked up the story and consumers are now left holding the bag, so to speak, and very confused as to what to do.

Just like other household items, reusable bags need to be properly cared for and they will offer an economical, eco-friendly way to reduce pollution, protect our food chain, save our landfills and save the lives of countless animals.

Here Are 5 Tips to Keep Your Reusable Bags Germ Free

  1. Separate Food Items – Be sure to keep your meats and fish separate from your fruits and veggies to prevent cross-contamination and wash your bags that have been used to carry meats after each.
  2. Color Code Your Bags – Choose one color bag for meats and fish, another for produce and another for frozen and ready to eat foods.
  3. Proper Storage – Be sure to store your bags in a clean, dry place and never put your bags away if they are damp or store them in a small confined space.
  4. Don’t Keep Your Reusable bags in the Trunk – Don’t store your bags in the trunk where temperatures can rise and create a breeding ground for bacteria.
  5. Sanitize with Regular Washings – Fabric bags can be tossed into the washer and it is recommended that reusable bags made from recycled content like plastic bottles be soaked in a bin filled with soapy water and either the juice of one lemon or a quarter cup of vinegar.  I must say though, that I toss all of my bags into the washing machine and have never had a problem.

What tips and tricks do you have for keeping your bags clean and healthy?

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Shane Shirley-Smith has a B.A. in Communications from MSU and her professional background is in business development, social media and medical sales. She has three daughter ages 7, 13 and 16 and after the birth of her first daughter, she found fulfillment in raising her family and volunteering. She was settled in life's daily routine and then experienced a life-threatening health crisis due to a reaction to aspartame. During her journey to wellness, she began searching for ways to provide her family with safe consumables and began spreading the word to others. Through www.EnvironmentalBooty.com, she offers consumer information, products and creative partnerships for a greener life and world. She was recently selected by a Fortune 500 corporation as one of the top ten bloggers in the U.S and Canada to serve on their Blogger Advisory Board, she is a Ford Motors Digital Influencer, a social media consultant and serves as CMO for FactoryDirectPromos.com. Her goal is to help consumers and companies become aware of how their choices impact human health and the health of our environment.  She is also the CMO, Factory Direct Promos. You can find her on Twitter @envirobooty .

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Tips to Keep Your Reusable Bags Clean | GoodGirlGoneGreen.com

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