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Raw Tzatziki Sauce

Vegan Tzatziki Sauce #organic #SchoolLunches #dips #veganI have been wanting to make falafels for sometime now, but I have not found the time or patience. Recently, I stumbled upon what I thought was the perfect looking falafel recipe. Now, that I had the falafels, I needed tzatziki sauce to go with it. Conventional tzatziki sauce is made with yogurt or sour cream, and those are 2 ingredients I am not interested in using, especially since vegan alternatives are mostly made with soy. I don’t really do soy. I thought I could replace the “cream” part with cashews and water. I found different tzatziki recipes, and they all were pretty much the same. I just subbed the yogurt for cashews and water. Surprisingly after a few tries, it tasted really great! I have been using it to dip veggies in for the last week. Incase you were wondering, the falafels turned out very good, and they tasted devine with the raw tzatziki sauce.

Give it a try, and let me know what your taste buds think. Do you have any favorite dip recipes or tzatziki recipes to share? 

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