Green Tea Hot Chocolate

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Green Tea Hot Chocolate #vegan #paleo #chocolate It is beginning to feel a lot like winter here in Quebec. There is no snow to report, but it sure feels like it could fall any day now. I love to cuddle up with a book and a nice cup of green tea on these warm nights. However, I was craving a hot chocolate which I don’t remember the last time I had. I thought why not add the two together? And, this is how the green tea hot chocolate was born.

Pour this green tea hot chocolate into 2 mugs and enjoy!

Green Tea Hot Chocolate
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  1. Steep the green tea in your choice of water or coconut milk.
  2. Pour the steeped tea in your high powdered blender (where to buy)
  3. Add the cacao powder (where to buy), and sweetener (where to buy) to the green tea in the blender.
  4. Blend until creamy.


opted to use homemade coconut milk, and while it tasted very good, there were a few coconut particles. If you are looking for a creamy and more rich version, perhaps store bought might be better. I would not boil the homemade coconut milk, it tends to separate the water and coconut a little.

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Green Tea Hot Chocolate #vegan #paleo #chocolate For other healthy drink options: