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Detox Your Home – 5 Simple Tips

Detox Your Home - 5 Simple Tips | GoodGirlGoneGreen.comWe are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but just how much depends on the foods we eat, the furniture we sit on, the beauty care products we decide to put on our bodies, etc. The degree to which we potentially put our health at risk depends on the different products we decide to bring into our homes.

There are various simple and effective ways to reduce our exposure to different toxins inside our homes. These are just a few suggestions to help you on the road to a cleaner and healthier you and your family. Take baby steps- try one thing at a time and gradually work your way to living a little more toxic-free and reap the rewards – 5 simple tips to detox your home.

What are Toxins?

A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on the body. Toxins can come from food or water, from chemicals used to grow or prepare food, and even from the air that we breathe. Our bodies process those toxins through organs like the liver and kidneys and eliminate them in the form of sweat, urine, and feces. The cleaning products we use, the scented air fresheners we spray and inhale, the food we eat and the over-the-counter drugs we reach for are all full of chemicals that can make us sick.!

 5 Simple Tips to Detox Your Home 

  1. Breathe Clean Air – The air inside our homes contains 2-5 times more contaminants than outdoor air! So, I say open a window, add plants to your decor, and diffuse essential oils. By doing these three things you are helping to freshen the air you breathe inside your home. Purification essential oil is wonderful to help freshen the air and diffuse unwanted odours. Joy essential oil has it has an uplifting aroma and helps to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere when diffused.
  2. Clean Your Fruits and Veggies – Just because you may buy organic foods, doesn't mean your fresh food is clean. Here is a super-easy way to get some of the nasties off your food before chowing down.
  3. Switch to Homemade Cleaning Products – Ditch the nasty chemical and petroleum-based cleaners in your home and make your own eco-friendly products. Take a look at these 7 DIY cleaning recipes using vinegar to get toy started; keep your shower clean longer with this daily shower spray; scrub your bathtub naturally using this recipe, and get the gunk off your glass stovetop with these simple ingredients.
  4. Use Wool Dryer Balls – I hate to tell you this, but dryer sheets are not your friend. They are concentrated with chemicals and heavy fragrances. Simply throw a wool dryer ball with some Lavender EO in your dryer and voila you have very own homemade non-toxic dryer “sheet”. Want to make your own wool dryer balls? Here is a simple DIY tutorial.
  5. Take Outdoor Shoes Off at the Door – Our shoes can track in dangerous pollutants that can be harmful to us. Just think whatever you step on, will be tracked back into the home. Remember that gum you stepped on? Yes, that too.

Ready to detox your home? Take the plunge and your body will thank you!

Detox Your Home - 5 Simple Tips | GoodGirlGoneGreen.com

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