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10 Apple Recipes Perfect for Autumn

Apple Recipes - Good Girl Gone Green

You just finished apple picking and you have bags filled with fresh apples. Now what? You have more apples than you can possibly eat before they go bad. But don’t fret, here are 10 11 healthy ways to make use of your autumn apples.

I searched the internet and found ones that I have tried or would attempt to make myself. I am no baker, and muffins can be a struggle for me. However, these recipes all look scrumptious and perhaps even easy enough for me to execute.

  1. Warm Apple Pie. I love the smell of fresh cooked apples, and cinnamon. Nothing says fall like a freshly baked pie, and this vegan pie looks amazing. I will be using some of my apples for this pie in the near future.
  2. Apple Compote or Sauce. There are two ways to enjoy apple sauce either cooked or raw. Both methods work well and taste very yummy. In the fall months, however, I prefer to cook mine. How do you like yours?
  3. Apple Jam. Never made apple jam, nor have I ever canned anything. Both are on my to-do list. I bet a nice piece of raw bread or sprouted bread with apple jelly smothered on would be devine.
  4. Candy Apples. I do not remember the last time I had a candy apple. Most of the conventional ones are packed with sugar and most probably corn syrup to be exact and lots of artificial flavors and preservatives. No thanks. I did some searching and found not one, but two recipes.  One is cooked and the other is of the raw variety, and I will be off preparing them both this week. I need to brush up on my candy apple skills because I am pretty sure as little E gets older she will want one.
  5. Apple Crisp. Just like apple pie, it is a must have treat during the fall months. The smell it brings to your home. Oh, I am hungry just thinking about how good it will taste!
  6. Apple Bake. Now this looks easy peesy, and something I could even pull off. Cut apple. Place in oven, and add nuts, cinnamon, whatever you want. Now that is my kind of recipe. I am sure your home will smell amazing while it is baking.
  7. Apple  Juice. My juice of choice. I love the sweetness and tartness of the apple. I added some beets to make it a nice bright red, fall colour.
  8. Apple Peanut Butter Stacks. Just looking at the picture, I knew this would be something I could easily prepare and that little E would love to snack on. It is a great quick snack, and if you are craving sweet and salty this could be the perfect treat for you.
  9. Apple Nachos. What a cute idea. I found this recipe a few weeks ago, and knew immediately I would have to try it. Now that I have bags of apples, I will be putting this lovely dish together as a nice snack.
  10. Plain apple. Just wash and take a nice big bite. Nothing beats the taste of a fresh apple right off the trees.
  11. Apple Pie Smoothie. You don’t have the time to make a pie, but just have to have one. Why not try this delicious apple pie smoothie.

What kind of apple lover are you? Baked? Raw? Please share your recipes! I could always use more.


Apple Recipes - Good Girl Gone Green

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