Vegan Mayonnaise

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I never really ate that much mayonnaise except for the occasional potato salad in the summer or an egg or tuna sandwich. Since I don’t do tuna at all and eggs and potatoes are a rare thing, I never really missed it. Then I discovered I could make eggless potato salad and tuneless and eggless sandwiches with chickpeas and tempeh. So- that just opened a whole world of mayo. The only type I found was organic soy based or non-organic grape seed oil based. Can you see my dilemma? I wanted organic but of the non-soy variety.

I, therefore, decide to make my own. I found countless recipes using oil and I have tried many but they never worked out, they were always so running. Nothing like the thick egg mayo. I figured cashews would be a good start to make a vegan mayo. I have tried different recipes, and liked them all. But this one tastes more like mayo from the zing of mustard and lemon! 

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