Almond Cup Smoothie

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Almond Cup Smoothie GoodGirlGoneGreen #smoothie #almondmilk #realfoodNow, that I have mastered making almond butter and nut/seed butter cups in my high powered blender, I can’t stop creating different flavors and recipes in my kitchen. It has almost become an addiction.

One thing I enjoy daily is a nice refreshing smoothie. They are chocked full of vitamins and minerals my body needs and craves regularly. Since I am on an almond butter kick, you can guess where this recipes is going. This is where almond cup smoothie comes into play! Smooth and creamy and refined sugar-free. It is seriously the perfect and most simple smoothie to make. Just throw everything in your bender and voila. That easy.

Do you have a favorite smoothie?

Almond Cup Smoothie

DIY Detox Clay Mask
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Yield: 1 mask



  1. Mix all of the ingredients except the essential oil together into a smooth paste. Once smooth, add the 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil.
  2. Spot test the mask on the underside of your wrist to make sure that you do not have any reactions.
  3. Apply the mask evenly avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes and lips, and let sit until dry for about 10 minutes.
  4. As the mask dries, it may feel tight on the skin, which can sometimes feel a little itchy (if you start to feel uncomfortable, wash the mask off).
  5. After the mask dries, wash it off with warm water, pat face gently with a clean towel, and let the skin breath or apply a mild all-natural moisturizer such as coconut oil to any areas that are prone to dryness.


Be sure to stir the mixture with a plastic or wooden spoon, as the green clay pulls toxins from metals.

Also, store your clay in a non-metal container.

Bentonite clay would work as well for this recipe.

If you don't have apple cider vinegar, just use filter water (where to buy).

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Almond Cup Smoothie GoodGirlGoneGreen #smoothie #almondmilk #realfood

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