Vanilla Strawberry Creamsicle Smoothie

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Vanilla Strawberry Creamsicle SmoothieI seriously love smoothies and one of my all-time favorite is my basic green smoothie. What I love the most is that I can get loads of nutrition in such a small glass. Sometimes I follow a recipe, and other times not so much, and it is a hit or miss. I have made some not so yummy smoothies, and have had to chug them fast. I just can’t bring myself to wasting. I could compost it, but drinking it is much better.

However, this smoothie is different. I mean, you can chug it if you want, but it is not required because it tastes that good! You be the judge. Hit or miss?

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? 

Enjoy this creamy and rich drink when you want a little sweet treat.