Solar Thoughts

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Last fall President Obama made a promise to have solar panels and solar water heaters installed at the White House by the end of spring. Well, spring has come and gone and I don’t see any solar panels on the roof. Do you?

After the announcement in October, I was immediately thrilled. Finally, we are moving in the right direction and the President is recognizing that we need to divert our dependance on more renewable energy sources,such as solar power.

Today, I am disappointed the White House has not followed through with their promise.

Administration officials say the plan is still active, but do not know when the solar panels will actually be installed. I hope it’s sooner than later. I would love to see some nice shiny panels!

“On we’ll go,” sighed Bill McKibben, founder of the climate activist group “One more summer of beautiful, strong sunlight going to waste, just bouncing off the White House roof.”

If the most powerful and influential person in the United States can’t get solar panels on his roof in eight months, how can the rest of America think that living a more sustainable and environmentally responsible life is important? We follow by example! Now lead, Mr. President, and show us you care about our lovely planet!

My thoughts, not yours, so be nice!

photo credit: Garrettc via photopin cc