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18 Chocolate Coconut Oil Recipes

18 Chocolate Coconut Oil Recipes #coconutoil #chocolate

Every one loves chocolate, right? Grab some homemade chocolate and whip up one of these 18 chocolate coconut oil recipes! Before you do, take a look at how raw cacao is ever so good for you. Cacao (ka·cow) is the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate.  These untreated seeds referred to as cacao beans can be considered […]

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Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is such a wonderful leafy green and there are just so many health benefits of kale- a nutritional powerhouse and so beneficial to your health in so many different ways. The vitamins offered by just one cup of this vegetable can trump a whole week’s worth of other foods: 684% of the daily value of vitamin […]

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Cauliflower Leek Soup

Soup season has official arrived with the return of fall but I have been in the kitchen souping up a storm for months. I am pretty sure my family is all souped out. Little do they know, this is just the beginning of all things soup related because there is nothing more comforting than a […]

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20 Vegan Snack Ideas

Having quick, healthy and vegan-friendly snacks on-hand does not have to be difficult by any means. In fact, it can be quite easy. Keeping your fridge stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables will be a sure way to get most of the nutrients you will need to keep you fueled. Pairing your produce with nuts […]

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6 Tips on How to Properly Plant a Tree

Sustainability is, simply put, the capacity to endure. It’s about using what we need to live now without jeopardizing the potential for people in the future to meet their needs, too. If an activity is said to be sustainable it should be able to continue forever. ~Dawn Gifford, Small Footprint Family (<–affiliate) Dawn is all about […]

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7 Health Benefits of Cucumbers

7 Health Benefits of Cucumbers #vegetables #benefits #health #cucumbers

The beauty of the cucumber is it’s water content, 95%, phenomenal in and of itself and not found in any other food. Seeing as it has such a high water-content, this makes it a very hydrating food to consume containing large amounts of antioxidants. Hands down my favorite fruit is the cucumbers.Yes, cucumbers are actually a fruit. […]

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The Effects of the Declining Bat Population

Bats are the only mammals capable of flying, and these creatures are often misunderstood as aggressive, blood-sucking predators. But bats are critical to the ecology of the United States because of their appetite for eating insects and their ability to pollinate flowers and plants. Early in August it was reported that a deadly fungus has been wiping […]

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How to Pack and Create a Waste-Less Lunch

Looks like it is back to school time for most kids. Gearing up for the new school year can be fun, green and litter-less. Small changes can have a huge impact on the environment while preparing your kids lunches daily. Switching to homemade snacks or the least packaged foods instead of pre-packaged ones and providing a […]

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