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10 Tips to Help Reduce Your Exposure to BPA

10 Tips to Help Reduce Your Expsoure to BPA

BPA and other toxins that can be found in our our food and products are at levels dangerous enough to be concerned with and we need to encourage companies to ditch the chemicals and toxins in our products. What is BPA? BPA is one of the most common chemicals to which we are exposed to […]

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Are Thermal Paper Receipts Toxic?

Are Thermal Paper Receipts Toxic? #toxic #safe #receipts #BPA

How many time a week do you touch a receipt and not wash your hands after? Probably all the time. What happens if I know told you that thermal paper used in point-of-sale receipts (e.g., for credit card purchases), shipping or other container labels, automated-teller machine receipts, parking tickets, and luggage tags, among others contain […]

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Creamy Carrot Quinoa Soup

Creamy Carrot Quinoa Soup #vegan #realfood #soup

Since all this cold weather has arrived and it seems like it may just stay for a while, I needed some healthy soups to add to my collection to stay warm. I order some celery root last week in my basket and though I need to make a soup with this ugly vegetable! Celery root […]

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Almond Cup Smoothie

Almond Cup Smoothie GoodGirlGoneGreen #smoothie #almondmilk #realfood

Now, that I have mastered making almond butter and nut/seed butter cups in my high powered blender, I can’t stop creating different flavors and recipes in my kitchen. It has almost become an addiction. One thing I enjoy daily is a nice refreshing smoothie. They are chocked full of vitamins and minerals my body needs and craves regularly. […]

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10 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil

10 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil #safe #clean #essentialoils

Thieves oil (where to buy) was created based on research about four Thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. Seeing as there […]

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How to Reduce Your Child’s Daily Exposure to Toxins

How to Reduce Your Child's Daily Exposure to Toxins #safe #nontoxic #toxic #healthy

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but just how much depends on the foods we eat, the furniture we sit on, the lotions we decide to put on our bodies, etc. The degree to which we  potentially put our children’s health at risk depends on the different products we decide to bring […]

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Homemade Daily Shower Spray

Homemade Daily Shower Spray #nontoxic #shower #safe

Most people clean their home with various products, not knowing the ingredients in the product, or, if in fact, what they are using to clean and disinfect their home is safe. And, this is not limited to the conventional brands. Many simply assume the “green” and “eco-friendly” versions are safer. However, countless cleaning products, whether they […]

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Blueberry Pie Smoothie

Blueberry Pie Smoothie #smoothie @vegan #paleo

I love it when I stumble upon the most delicious smoothie. Insert Blueberry Pie Smoothie here. Well, actually this one I can’t take full credit for. J.P was in the kitchen preparing his morning smoothie and I was looking on thinking “what is he making? Is that even going to taste good?” I twisted his […]

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January Giveaway. Win a VITAMIX!

Before I get to the really really good stuff, there is an amazing FREE health summit: NEW YEAR NEW YOU from January 15-19, 2014 being hosted by Village Green Network (sign up here). Some amazing bloggers, health professionals and authors will be speaking including one of my favorites Joel Salatin! <Pitter Patter.> Find out more about all 31 amazing speakers including […]

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Coconut Hot Chocolate

Coconut Hot Chocolate /

With the cold weather sneaking up on me, I am constantly trying to change up my warm drink selection. I do love me some tea, but a nice warm cup of coconut hot chocolate is a nice treat. The best part about this coconut hot chocolate is that it is made with real food ingredients […]

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Homemade Cashew Milk

Homemade Cashew Milk #paleo #vegan /

Oh, sweet sweet homemade cashew milk- how I love you so. I am a big nut milk drinker, and besides making my green smoothie with homemade almond milk or homemade coconut milk, I would choose cashew milk any day! I just enjoy the fact that you don’t have to strain your homemade cashew milk. That is one less step than […]

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