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Project Green Foot- Week 30

Before this week-end, I had never eaten food from a truck. The stigma that is attached to it is meat on a stick and crappy food. Texas is big on food trucks. They have food truck parks everywhere. There is actually one walking distance from my place. I have been hemming and hawing about going, […]

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Almond Date Balls

Tomorrow is Earth Hour where people across the globe will be turning off their lights for one full hour (8:30-9:30pm) to help fight climate change and take a stand. I will of course be turning off the lights, and either head out for a nice walk or just sit and chat with J.P. I wanted […]

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Project Green Foot- Week 29

You know when you really want something and have been thinking about it for a few days and when the time comes- no dice? Well, that is exactly how I felt on Friday at the farmers market. I was down to the last few cucumbers on Thursday, so I just threw them in my juicer […]

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Local Sustainable Tomato Salsa

This past week was Canada Water Week, a week-long celebration of water from coast-to-coast-to-coast. This years theme was “Discover your water footprint.” What does this mean to you? A water footprint is that of an individual, community or business and equals the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services […]

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Access to water is a right- not a privilege

Lake Cameron

Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t you think everyone should have access to freshwater like that? How many of you have ever experienced water scarcity? The closest I have ever come is limiting when I can water my lawn or plants in the summer months. It is hard to believe that 884 million people lack access to […]

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Canadian Waters

Wordless Wednesday, a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words! It is Canada Water Week. Let’s conserve our precious resource.

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Project Green Foot- Week 28

The carrots at the farmers market are the biggest, fattest and most delicious carrots I have ever seen and tasted. I tend to buy a lot of them during the week because I enjoy juicing them. Carrot and apple or carrot and pear juice really are one of the most refreshing juices. I love the […]

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Green Cauliflower Mash

St-Patricks day is one of my all-time favorite days to celebrate. My grand-father literally got off a boat from Ireland and ended up in Canada. Growing up I remember how important it was for him to celebrate in style with his shillelagh in one hand and a beer in the other. I guess deep down […]

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Best Buddies

Wordless Wednesday, a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words! Best buddies. We miss you, Kobe! And even Shadow is wondering where his partner in crime is.

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