How One Person Can Make a Difference

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Shawna Coronado. I may or may not have a girl crush on her. So if you haven’t heard that name before you sure are missing out. Seriously- she is the most wonderful and inspiring women, and she can plant and grow kale like nobodies business. I really wish I had some of her green thumb. I would certainly compromise with just the tip of her thumb.

Because of her inspiring story and just down right awesomeness, she was invited to the TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen in Denver, Colorado, and what a talk that was. I definitely walked away after watching that video, feeling inspired to perhaps plant some tomatoes this year on my porch and fingerers crossed that I don’t kill them, like I kill everything I attempt to grow! Hopefully by following Gardner Shawna’s advice I will succeed!

“After I had countless health problems, took dozens of prescriptions a day, and felt terribly unfulfilled. After I left a high pressure sales job downtown Chicago that I hated. After living for 15 years without getting outside in nature. After building side-yard gardensback yard gardensfront lawn gardens, and helping my friends build out their gardens. After all that I built a drought tolerant/native plant garden behind my fence on an area of property which I did not know at the time was city property and had to fight for it to stay.” –Shawna Coronado

Read more of Shawna’s story here and watch her video below!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Photo Credit: Shawna