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Lavender Essential Oil for Allergy Relief

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Lavender Essential Oil for Allergy Relief #essentialoils #lavender #allergyreliefI began learning how to use essential oils in place of conventional medicines a little over a year ago. Essential oils are made from various parts of the plant, most often the leaves but sometimes also the flowers and fruit (as with citrus oils). A good way to think of this is when you crush a live leaf in your hand. You’ll notice that the creases in the green leaf are moist or wet from being twisted or bent. That is the essential oil of the plant.

When using essential oils (learn about essential oils here) for health reasons, it’s important that the oils you use are extracted in the purest way possible. The purity of an oil is preserved when the oils are extracted by pressing and by steaming with purified water. Many cheap essential oils that you find in retail stores are extracted from plants by soaking the plants in various chemicals. The oil that is extracted is both diluted and altered by the presence of these chemicals. There is no regulation on the use of the phrase “100% pure” when it comes to essential oils. A bottle can carry that claim when the oils were extracted via chemicals or steam, or a combination of the two. So, when you are using oils for health reasons, make sure you know exactly how the oil is extracted. If you cannot find that information from the manufacturer, I would recommend not using that brand.

As the weather in Texas changes constantly, I find myself most often in need of allergy relief. Below are my two favorite uses for essential oils for allergy relief – enjoy!

Lavender Essential Oil for Allergy Relief

Stronger Allergy Remedy

This one tastes TERRIBLE, I am not going to lie. Have a glass of something next to you that you can eat or drink. I suggest a cookie and some water or lemon or honey tea.

I also researched other allergy remedies using my essential oils reference book and found this one:

Topical Essential Oil Allergy Remedy

  • 1 drop Lavender oil (where to buy) - apply to the base of the throat
  • 1 drop Tea Tree Oil aka Melaleuca Alternifolia (where to buy)- apply to the base of the throat shortly after the Lavender

Apply each and tap with your finger pads over the area where applied and then tap right over your heart. This is the thymus area, and tapping on it is supposed to activate your immune responses, which are stimulated by the Lavender and Tea Tree oils. I have no idea if this is true, but I know that when I did this it helped my allergies!

Now, go forth and conquer this weather. Let me know if you try these remedies and if they work as well for you as they did for me!

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Lavender Essential Oil for Allergy Relief #essentialoils #lavender #allergyrelief

Jenny Bradford is a Lagree Fitness instructor and blogger at Conscientious Confusion, a blog about living consciously. The blog encompasses green living, health and wellness, nutrition, essential oils, cloth diapering, natural parenting, and conscientious consumerism. She is also contributing writer at Dallas Moms Blog. She is a wife to Christian and mom to Little Sir (October 2009) and Little Lady (February 2011). You can also follow Jenny on twitter, and like her on Facebook.

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14 Responses to Lavender Essential Oil for Allergy Relief

  1. Alison March 6, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    I’m constantly fighting allergies, so this was really interesting. Plus I love lavender oil!

  2. Cristina November 18, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    I have to admit I am confused. Do you put the lavender oil remedy and the topical remedy directly inside your mouth?


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