Victoriax- I Speak for the Trees

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Most kids don’t think twice about their environmental impact, not because they don’t care, but perhaps they have never been taught that the little things they do, can make a difference. However, there are many children, that go that extra mile, and turn their lights off when not using them, or turning the tap off while brushing their teeth. My niece is one of the latter.

Team ENERGY STAR, the Environmental Protection Agency’s program to teach kids about energy efficiency, is holding an essay contest for kids. Right away I thought of my niece. She is just so talented, and cares for the environment. She has already written 2 great posts for me Through the Eyes of a Kid, and Our Planet is in Need You See.

Here is the Good Kid Gone Green’s essay submission for the contest. I might be bias, but I think she should be one of the winners!

What do you think? Pretty talented that Victoriax?

My name is Victoriax I speak for the trees,

I do it with my family whose last name is Lees.

How do we help is the question that pops in your head,

One of many ways is we turn off all the lights before bed.

I also bring reusable water bottles when I go to school,

I’m on our school’s Green Team and it’s the number 1 rule.

When I do have garbage in my lunch, which I rarely do,

I don’t put it in the green bin, I put it in the one that’s blue.

I walk or bike to places that aren’t too far,

I know it’s a lot better than taking the car.

When I brush my teeth I don’t let the water run,

I don’t want our river to dry out, that wouldn’t be fun.

My family is getting an eco-friendly SUV,

My mom likes the color, it’s about the environment for me.

Before I leave you here’s a little piece of advice,

Before you chop down a tree you should really think twice.

If you are looking for some more talented young kids, head over to Big Green Purse where she will be showcasing some of the submissions to the contest.