DIY Aftershave

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Raise your hand if the man in your life uses DIY products at home and secretly loves it? That’s what I though. Pre-shave oil, shaving cream, bread oil, aftershave, and deodorant are just a few products that can easily be made at home for the most manly of men.

Take this DIY aftershave. It is perfect for that special man in your life. It is super easy to whip up, smells super manly, only contains 4 ingredients, and 3 of them are essential oils that you most probably have at home already. No ugly ingredients list with this aftershave.

Aftershave for Men
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  1. Take your bottle and add the essential oils. Top the bottle off with the avocado oil. If using coconut oil, gently melt the coconut oil and drop the oils in after it is melted.


If using coconut oil, I would recommend using a jar vs a bottle as your coconut oil might harden in cooler temperatures.

I would quadruple the recipe if using coconut oil, since you will mostly probably have to melt it and use a jar.

Apply to freshly shaven skin as your aftershave. My husband uses this aftershave on his neck and scalp.

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