Chocolate Coconut Butter Spread

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Recently, we ordered a large amount of nuts, and dried fruit and such in bulk from a local company in Montreal. While living in Texas, access to bulk items at Whole Foods was so easy, but there is sadly nothing like that here in Montreal that I can find. It actually worked out because a local company is giving us a great deal on all the foods we buy. If you have never tried dried pineapple, you have no idea what you are missing. It tastes like candy.

One thing, I made sure to purchase was shredded coconut. You should see the bag of coconut a flakes presently taking up space in my kitchen. I see lots of Homemade Coconut Milk and coconut butter in my future.

I was inspired to make some fresh homemade coconut butter to have handy in the fridge when a recipe called for it. Have you seen the price of one jar of raw coconut butter? It is ridiculously expensive, considering it is just plain old coconut. It is so easy to make- just like my homemade coconut milk.

I think this chocolate coconut spread could easily be used in so many different ways. Perhaps place in  the freezer in a square dish for some chocolate fudge, or spread it on some raw bread or just regular bread. You could also use it as raw pie filling. Why not  try it in my Chocolate Coconut Bars? The possibilities are really endless. I personally just ate it right off the spoon, but that’s just me.

How will you eat it?

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