Strong. Tough. Dirty. And still beautiful.

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Today is International Women’s Day. A time to celebrate all the wonderful and inspirational women in our lives. We celebrate our diversity. We celebrate our accomplishments. We celebrate our beauty. We celebrate our friendships. We celebrate each other. is a call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential, and to encourage men and boys to stand up to sexism.

  • 3 out of  teen girls feel depressed, guilty and shameful after spending 3 minutes looking through a fashion magazine.
  • 48% wish they were skinny as a model.
  • Twenty years ago, fashion models weighted 8% less than the average women. Today that number is 23%.
  • 31% admit to starving themselves to lose weight.

We are all beautiful and we all need to be told more often even when we have some dirt and grass in our hair!

How will you celebrate the women in your lives today?