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The Day that Changed it All

I get asked this questions all the time: Have you always been this passionate about the environment? I most definitely have not always been like this. It has been a process; an evolution over the years. I did not become this crazy, square peg in a round hole person overnight. I changed over the years, […]

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11 Questions to Ask Your Local Farmer

Local farmers market

Some people can get a little overwhelmed on their first visit to the farmers’ market. I know I sure did the first time. As time went on, I learned what questions to ask and how. I quickly learned to ask open-ended questions. By letting the farmer explain his practices, you can see if they are a […]

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What will you choose?

Conventional farms apply chemical fertilizers such as nitrogen to promote plant growth, where as organic/sustainable local farms apply natural fertilizers (manure and/or compost). Conventional farms spray insecticides to deter pests and disease where as organic/sustainable local farms use insects and birds or traps to help prevent disease and reduce the amount of pests. Conventional farms […]

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