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Plastic pollution. An interactive plastic bag ban map

Plastic bags are such a menace to our ecosystem, and cause more harm than good. They don’t actually biodegrade. Instead, they photo-degrade, they simply break down into smaller and smaller toxic pieces that contaminate our soil, waterways, and inadvertently enter our food supply when animals accidentally ingest them. They are responsible for unsightly litter, flooding, […]

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Victoriax- I Speak for the Trees

Most kids don’t think twice about their environmental impact, not because they don’t care, but perhaps they have never been taught that the little things they do, can make a difference. However, there are many children, that go that extra mile, and turn their lights off when not using them, or turning the tap off […]

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The Green Natural Valentine

Simple – that is really how I try to live, especially when it comes to different holidays. I don’t like to give into the mainstream celebrating and commercialism that surrounds them. Valentine’s day is really no different. All I have seen lately are red and pink colored chocolate boxes and stuffed animals in store windows […]

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The Green Obsession

  I do live by what I preach (write) but, sometimes I have slip ups and fall off the green wagon momentarily only to get back on. The problem is when this happens, the eco-guilt eats away at me and I become more obsessed with living green and non-toxic, but this is not necessarily a […]

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Our planet is in need you see

My sweet niece, who I call the Good Kid Gone Green made her first appearance on my site in August with her newsletter titled “How much do you really know about global warming?” She is such a great kid and truely cares about the environment. She joined the green team at her school this year […]

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How Forgiving is Mother Nature?

Sunday morning I will pack up my “reusable travel goodie bag” and give my sweet little E a big kiss good-bye on the cheek. I will be away from her for 2 days for the very first time. It will be a bitter sweet moment- I am going to miss her cute smile dearly while […]

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A green new year

Have you made your new years resolution(s) yet? Have you thought to add some green goals to your list? You can do your part for the environment by using and wasting less and setting an example to others around you. Simply recycling more, using less plastic and driving less are all ways to help reduce […]

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Buy Nothing?

Today is Buy Nothing Day– an international day of protest against consumerism celebrated annually just after American Thanksgiving. I bet you didn’t know that? The very first Buy Nothing Day was organized in Mexico in September 1992 as a day to examine the issue of over-consumption. Most people criticize that “we” will just go out […]

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Pregnancy Changed Everything

I get asked this questions all the time: Have you always been this passionate about the environment? I most definitely have not always been like this. It has been a process; an evolution over the years. Read part one of my story here, and part three here. I got pregnant in January 2010 (that’s me at […]

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