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Vegan Mayonnaise

I never really ate that much mayonnaise except for the occasional potato salad in the summer or an egg or tuna sandwich. Since I don’t do tuna at all and eggs and potatoes are a rare thing, I never really missed it. Then I discovered I could make eggless potato salad and tuneless and eggless […]

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Raw Black and White Chocolate

For quite some time now, I have been wondering how to make white chocolate without all the refined sugars and ugly ingredients. I, of course, went to google and found some great recipes and decided to try and create my own. My first attempt, I used coconut flour and cacao butter. Now that was a […]

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NewGreens Organic Superfood Powder Giveaway

If you have not noticed, I am slightly addicted to smoothies and juices. I have a smoothie every morning without fail, and I am always looking for different ways to spice up my smoothie routine. There are only so many spinach banana smoothies a girl can drink! I have tried various fruit and veggies combinations as […]

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