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Why a Reusable Cup?

Do you go that extra mile and make sure to have your reusable mug, cup, water bottle, or cloth bag handy for those impromptu stops? I am sure you won’t be surprised to learn the amount of waste associated with these one time use products. For example, 25 billion paper cups on average are throw […]

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No Straw, Please (1000 GlassDharma Straw Contest)

It seems silly to think that a small piece of plastic can make a difference. I recently read that one Virginia manufacture makes four billion plastic straws a year.  And that is just one manufacture. Now think about all the plastic that is used to produce those straws. Think about all the waste the straws […]

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The Original Glass Straw- Glass Dharma (Giveaway)

Most times, when you order your favorite beverage, it is usually paired with a one time use plastic straw wrapped in paper. I get it though. I understand that thick green smoothie or creamy coconut milkshake just doesn’t taste the same without a straw. But, there is a way to slurp down your drink while […]

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Because Strawesome is awesome (Giveaway)

You are craving that delicious green smoothie; you can almost taste it. You know what would go great with it? A bendy glass smoothie straw from Strawesome. Seriously- everything tastes better with a straw. However, most straws are made from plastic that does not biodegrade very well and remains in landfills indefinitely. And many plastics […]

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8 Waste-Free Travel Tips

J.P and I have pledged as of yesterday to go waste-free for one full year. Read more here. Crazy, right?! Reducing your waste daily doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, just follow these simple, yet effective tips and you will be on your way to living a little less wasteful while outside of the home. […]

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Bleached. Recycled. or Cloth.

You are at home and spill something on the floor. What do you do? Without a thought, you reach for the paper towels to wipe it up. You are having dinner and are setting the table. What do you do? Out of habit, you reach for the napkins to place under the cutlery. You are […]

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Brushing your teeth with yogurt cups

You might find it hard to believe that one teeny tinny toothbrush can have such an enormous impact on the environment. But it does! Approximately 50 million pounds of toothbrushes get sent to landfills annually! That seems like a significant amount of waste that can could otherwise be avoided. And, that figure would be considerably […]

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