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How to Compost in the City

City and suburban composting is definitely possible. All you need is a small yard area or even a balcony space. Add rain-barrels (like his one -affiliate link) and a small compost bin and you are all set. Making new soil is easy to do in this small space. To help beautify the area a bit, […]

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Composting 101- Learn How to Compost

Learn how to compost the right way

Shawna Coronando is back this week sharing her composting wisdom. I just adore her, and the fact that she oozes green, and has the most wonderful and upbeat personality- you can’t help, but love her! The only thing I do applaude is that she donates some of her produce to her local food pantry when […]

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3 ways to Compost Successfully

I do realize that composting with red wigglers is most definitely not for everyone. However, there are alternatives to setting up a worm composting bin. After my worm composting experience went sour, the thought of having all my food  scraps put in a landfill was unappealing and not an option for me. So, I had to […]

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How to Compost with Red Wigglers

How to Compost with Red Wigglers #worms #redwigglers #compost #composting

Why we should compost with red wigglers Landfills are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases and other pollution to our atmosphere. The majority of trash is composed of food scraps. How much garbage would you be left with if you were taught how to compost with red wigglers? The trash in landfills decomposes […]

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Composting with Red Wigglers

I thought composting would be a great project for us; my husband not so much. It took months for me to convince him it was remotely a good idea and when I say convince, I really mean I resorted to using my  pregnancy to my advantage. You see, when I was pregnant last spring, I […]

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