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Stephanie is the Good Girl Gone Green…..

Seeing garbage cans overflowing with recyclables breaks my heart.

Therefore, I’d much rather store my compost in the fridge than see it in the trash.

Seeing plastic bags and disposable plastics wash up on the shores of our oceans, rivers and lakes makes me sad.

Therefore, I’d much rather pick up trash along the shore lines.

Seeing rows of cows being force-fed corn makes me sick to my stomach.

Therefore, I’d much rather know where my food comes from than bite into a McMeal.

Seeing people turn a blind eye to the multiple harmful chemicals lurking in their everyday products around them makes me cringe.

Therefore, I’d much rather scrub my tub and toilet with water and vinegar than pollute my family’s lungs with toxic chemicals.

Hearing people say that global warming is a myth makes me twitch with anger.

Therefore, I’d much rather be the voice of change!

To say I am passionate about “all things green” and environmentalism is an understatement!

I am a tree hugger; I am almost vegan; I am an environmentalist.

I don’t have a filter. I am not sure if I was born without one or if I lost it somewhere along the way. Living without a filter creates interesting situations – some good and some bad.

That is what you will find here – the unfiltered truth about the ups and downs of living the green life.

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I'm Stephanie, the Good Girl Gone Green, and I'm excited to share my own experiences with learning to live a greener, healthier life!

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