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You’re curious about going green (without the envy) and you’re ready to go back to basics and remove the toxins from your life.

You’re worried about how you, your kids, your family, and your friends are affected by the (not so green) toxins in our world

That’s why you landed on this site, Good Girl Gone GreenTM! Because you’re a damn good mom (or sister, friend, doctor, teacher) and you are striving for better health and more happiness for you and your family!

You’re ready to take baby steps (or giant leaps) into living a greater, more green lifestyle. The only thing is… you’re overwhelmed by all of the green goodness (information, products, food) out there

(Talk about TGK: Total Green Knockout)

Maybe you recycle, but you’ve never considered composting and you wouldn’t know where to begin anyways. Or maybe you buy some organic products, but now you’re looking for some cost effective ways to embrace this lifestyle (by trying some DIY’s or learning which ready-made products are cost-effective and healthy to buy)

What’s in store for you when you take the steps to add (a little) more green to your life?

Take  a  moment  and:


that your cupboards are full of toxic-free, healthy products for you and your family to use.


that you’ve found (easy/healthy) ways to soothe a cold, remedy an achy tummy, and keep the chemicals and toxins at bay.


that you’ve added (a little) more green to your life while protecting the people you love.

Toxic-free cabinets and healthy is what you stand to gain. That’s amazing, right? The thought of that makes you happy because you care (a bunch) and you wanna do right by your people.

You’re the ‘good’ mom (or sister or friend or doctor or teacher).

And being good, is well, good.

But there’s one little green problem and it’s kind of a big green deal…

You don’t just wanna be ‘good’ anymore.
You wanna be the greatest, greenest version of yourself!
You’re in the right place, whether you’re someone who:

1) Is a DIY’er and wants to add a little more green to your household one product, one essential oil, or one organic food at a time.

2) You’re a parent, a teacher, or a healthcare professional who’s started to implementing green living and green products in your household, and now you’re curious about how to make this a lifestyle or create a business.

3) You’re tired of living in someone else’s rush hour. You want your own hustle and you’re ready to kick some green ass to get it!

Are you starting to question how you do everything yet?

Hi, I’m Stephanie

And as all those green bombs signify, I’m the face of Good Girl Gone Green™ and I help light green women move from discouraged to dark green empowerment in simple and affordable steps that’ll make you wanna do back flips.

Curious what it means to be light green vs dark?

light green – recycles and is overwhelmed with all the choices
medium green – has created a lot of green in her life, is now ready to take it to the next level
dark green – is composting, eating organic, composting, all purchases are green purchase

I’ll help you no matter where you are on the green chart! I do this by arming you with the knowledge you need for everything green including reading product labels to composting to natural living.

In green terms: You’ll be rockin’ your green spirulina smoothies, eating delicious green chocolate, and DIY-ing your household products (+saving money) in no time!

Tick tock…you ain’t getting any greener just standing there!
Why Good Girl Gone Green™?

I was passively living the light green life (just like you).

You know, typical North American lifestyle: work, eat, play…mindlessly.

All for what? To retire at 60 and THEN start living my life.

Then one undramatic day, in 2009, something changed.

All thanks to a documentary called Food Inc.

And on that day I learned one thing:

I wanted to create green change!

The only way I knew how to do that was to go ALL IN! I had to drop the retirement plan, clean out our cupboards and get my family on board.

Not an easy feat, but I’m damn persistent.

But I learned something else: You do NOT have to go green in the exact way that I did. I’ll be the first to admit, I went slightly overboard.

The best thing about being green, whether you’re light, dark or somewhere in between:

You get to do it YOUR way.

Because even the slightest shift in your life can have a huge impact from one year to the next.

Don’t be green because of social pressure.
Be green because it makes you smile.

You’re already good enough…you don’t have to prove that you’re ‘green enough’ to anyone. This isn’t a competition, a test, or a race. Simply put, there’s no pressure, just easy, gentle guidance to get you to your great, green destination!

Let’s add (a little more) green to the mix!

Are you ready to compost, do some DIY’s, and sip on your fave green smoothie like nobody’s watching?

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