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Do you know what happens when two green minds collide? The darkest, hippest green spark…ever is created. That wildfire explodes with more power when two sparks come together, instead of one. That’s my green guarantee to you. I’ll be the flint that helps you discover this new way of living and being, while embracing sustainability, and caring for our home, earth.

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about how we can light a green spark together. I’m excited, because I’m here to help you regardless of whether:

You are the founder, or employee of an organization with a green message, and you’re looking to add a little Good Girl Gone Green flavour for a workshop, retreat, or conference.


Maybe you’ve got green-living on your heart and you’re looking to start or grow a personal brand or company.

A (little more)

Available for passionate speaking opportunities on topics such as non-toxic and green living, growing your business online, network marketing and leadership.

A (little more)

Got a green-minded blog or publication? I also write content my future green BFFs. You’ve got the audience. I’ve got the ideas, passion and most importantly, that green soul you seek.

A (little more)

Earn (a little more green) with a (whole lotta) support. Available for mentoring so you can earn more green with the Young Living business opportunity while keeping sane.

A (little more)

Why not treat yourself to a DIY workshop? Nothing better than a little DIY action with like-minded folks raring to save the Earth! Available online or in-person in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Go ahead, check out these options and pick the one that works best for you! When you work with me you’ll feel supported, you’ll get the exact knowledge/tips you need, and you’ll have a roadmap for the next step you can take to live a little more green!

Catch ya on the green side!

Have questions, other ideas or ready to collab?
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DISCLAIMER: Anytime there’s business speak I’m required to share Young Living’s Income Disclosure. So here it is, indulge yourself but don’t forget to breath: