8 Waste-Free Travel Tips

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J.P and I have pledged as of yesterday to go waste-free for one full year. Read more here. Crazy, right?!

Reducing your waste daily doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, just follow these simple, yet effective tips and you will be on your way to living a little less wasteful while outside of the home.

  1. Why not have a reusable water bottle, cup or (click here purchase-affiliate link) handy when you need to quench your thirst with some water or are craving that latte?
  2. It is so easy to do and you will save many trees; cloth napkins/towels (click here to purchase -affiliate link) opposed to paper napkins/towels.
  3. I know most might find it hard to skip the straw; so why not invest in a glass straw (click here to purchase -affiliate link) that you can bring everywhere, and they are so pretty!
  4. We use so many plastic bags for produce or items in bulk. How about using cloth produce bags/reusable shopping bags (click here to purchase -affiliate link) instead.
  5. Most people might not realize the amount of food that is wasted at restaurants, so why not have a container (click here to purchase -affiliate link) available for your left overs to eat later or to put in your compost bin?
  6. When it comes to recycling, it can be as easy away from home as it is at home. Either look for recycling bins outside of your home or simply have a bag ready to put your paper, glass and metal in while you are out and about.
  7. If you decide to hit up a fast food restaurant where they only provide disposable cutlery (click here to purchase here -affiliate link), why not have your own on hand. This will divert lots and lots of plastic from landfills.
  8. While shopping try asking for “no receipt.” Some stores do offer the “no-receipt” option and just think of the trees that will be saved and you won’t be touching gross BPA.

The best thing I feel I have done to make things easier and reduce my family’s waste outside of the home is being prepared. I believe most have good intentions and do purchase reusable items to use, but these items don’t do you any good at home when you are purchasing an impromptu coffee!

I have a cloth bag in my car with 2-4 stainless steel containers, 2 cups, PeopleTowels (reusable napkins/towels), reusable cutlery, cloth produce bags, cloth shopping bags and  glass straw. (click here to see my favorite glass straw)

This is how I prepare the family for any stops we might make when we are out of the home. You can never be too prepared, right?

What will you put in your “Zero Waste” goodie bag?