5 Tips to Prepare for the Fall/Winter Months

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5 tips to help you prepare for the Fall/Winter months….I know, I thought Summer just started too!

  • If your home is heated with hot water and/or electric baseboards, they will only run at maximum efficiency if the baseboard convectors and radiators are kept clean. They depend on air flowing through the many fins that surround the pipes or heating elements. If there is any obstruction of air; either from dirt and dust buildup or from something covering the top or bottom of the heating units, this will in turn compromise the performance of the entire system.
  • Owners of older homes that still have their original windows loose a large amount of cold air which leaks through the cracks around windows during the winter. Therefore, it is recommended to seal all windows either by covering them with plastic and sealing or sealing them with an non-toxic caulk. Even better, if money permits, invest in new energy efficient windows which should be triple pane.
  • Make the switch to programable thermostats. This way you can lower the temperatures during the day when you are not home and while you sleep. This can lead to major energy and cost savings.
  • To better insulation your water heater, add an extra layer of insulation to keep it warmer. Water heater “blankets” are available at most home centers and usually pay for themselves through energy savings within a year or two.
  • Clean and test your furnace.

Do you have any Fall/WInter tips to share? I would love to hear what others do to help lessen their carbon footprint one baby step at a time.


Small Footprints challenge for the week of August 24-31:Clean and test your furnace-it collects all kinds of dust and debris which not only affects it’s performance, but could cause a fire. Before you need to heat your home, get out your owner’s manual for instructions on how to clean it. No manual? Check here or call a furnace maintenance company. If you have a gas furnace, have it professionally inspected once a year. Or have you already accomplished this task or don’t have a furnace? Then we’d like to hear another Eco-tip or idea for the coming months.

Source: TLC