11 Waste-Free and Green Holiday Season Ideas

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Most people probably do not realize the amount of waste associated with the holidays or any sort of celebration for that matter. However, there are many simple, easy and effective ways in which we can all reduce our waste and still have a great celebration.

Over the years, I have learned how to reduce my waste, and live a more minimalist lifestyle. Granted- some are not ready for wrapping their gifts in junk mail (yet!), but may decide to use cloth napkins this year which is a great green step in the right direction.

11 Waste-Free and Green Holiday Ideas

  1. Use cloth napkins. This is an easy one for me, I never leave the house without my Peopletowels, but this year I have these cute red and white napkins that Green Planet Parties sent me. Did I mention both are made in the USA?
  2. Try these adorable felt crackers and stuff them with a fun little toy or a few dollars instead of a cheap plastic toy. Write up your own jokes and put them in as well. I received 4 crackers from Green Planet Parties and can’t wait to use them over the holidays. They don’t pop- I am ok with that.
  3. If you are entertaining, use reusable dishes and cutlery as much as possible, or buy greener disposable options. Skip the plastic.
  4. Decorate your holiday table with real plants and skip the plastic ones.
  5. If you are candle person, look for greener and non-toxic options. Most candles are made from petroleum and when lit, give off toxic fumes. Look for beeswax candles or even attempt to make your own. This will be safer, healthier and cheaper for you and your family.
  6. I am not big on advent calendars and all that jazz, but if you are, consider using cloth ones that can be reused over and over again. Simply stuffed the little pockets with chocolates and treats for your kids, or perhaps for yourself.
  7. Don’t throw away your leftovers. Check out all my great ideas on what to do with your leftovers from food to the random stuff you receive over the holidays.
  8. When your guests leave pack up a doggie bag for them, if you know you will not consume all that food. Go one step further and ask them to bring their own containers, which can be a new and fun little tradition. Come for dinner, bring a container and leave with lots of yummy foods.
  9. You receive a gift and are not sure what to do with it? Clearly- throwing it away is not a very green step forward. How about these 6 ideas for unwanted gifts?
  10. When it comes to gift giving especially when kids are involved, it is difficult to give only waste-free gifts, but you could do a mix of both. Look for safe and eco-friendly options, make some of your own personal gifts or simply give the gift of experiences as well.
  11. Wrap gifts with items you may already have around the house. Have a long sleeve shirt you are not wearing anymore? Cut the sleeve and use it to wrap a wine bottle.

We all do what we can to reduce our impact. Perhaps this year we can all be a little more mindful and add one more green element to our celebrating. What will you be adding?

‘Tis the season to be more green!

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Photo Credit: Green Planet Parties