10 Random Items Containing Animal Products

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Whether you are a meat eater or not-there are many products that we use daily containing animal by products. Most companies do not have to disclose on their labels if there are in fact animal ingredients in their products; they leave it very vague.

10 random items that surprisingly contain some form of animal ingredients:

Plastic bags. I was not aware of this, and was slightly taken aback from the information.  Most plastic bags contain a “slip agents” made from animal fats to reduce friction.

Tires. Animal based stearic acid is added to them to help hold their shape on a steady surface friction. Plant-based stearic acid is available; therefore your tires may or may not contain animal products.

Glue. To be exact, musical glue and wood working glue. Apparently, it is the best adhesive for pianos.

Biofuels can be made from sugar cane and corn. However, some biofuels are being made from animal fats.

Fireworks. Not only do they create enormous amounts of air pollution, but some contain animal stearic acid. This is used to coat some of their components to keep them longer and avoid oxidation. They can be made from plant-based sources, but you never know, right?

Fabric softener contains Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride, which comes from the cattle, sheep and horse industry.

Shampoo and conditioner. Panthenol”, “Amino acids”, or “Vitamin B” when written on bottles can either be plant sourced or animal sourced. If you are looking to ditch the animal by products, look for vegan alternatives.

Toothpaste contains glycerin, which can be plant or animal-based. Do your homework if you are looking to reduce animal by products in your toothpaste or better yet, look into making your own.

White and brown sugar. Some refineries will use ash from animal bones as filters for their sugar. However, some companies use granular carbon or ion exchange systems instead. This I was very surprised to learn.

Marshmallows and Jello. Any products containing gelatin are made with some form of animal ingredients, which are made from animal collagen. Makes you rethink having jello shots and smores yesterday, no?

Whether you find this list distrubing or just plain interesting-just remember knowledge is power. And most definitely-food for thought.

Source: Care2.com

[Photos used under Creative Commons from How Can I Recycle This/Flickr]